Monday, June 30, 2008

I still suck headsup

Today a got a newspaper article written about me (Toronto Sun: June 30, 2008). I also got a tv interview (City TV News, June 30, 2008)

But.... I still suck headsup

Never been so dominated headsup. I started HU down 3:1 after i dominated the final table. At one point 3 handed I had 1/2 the chips in play. What it boiled down to was I had the 2nd best hand all the time. My opponenet always hit at least top pair. Was an opponent who never raised preflop, ever...

So I would lose, lose, lose, get low, double up. Rinse and repeat. At one point I evened it up, but that trend continued. I eventually pushed 94s into A7o and couldn't hit.

Was a winner take all and I left with nothing. Damn I suck headsup.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Wanna Piece of Me?

Since some of you asked, I will be selling a piece of me for the WSOP 08 Main Event.

I will only be selling 10% of me for now.

A straight 1:1 ratio. 1% = $100.

Will be updating this blog throughout the wsop. Pokerroom blog should have me covered as well. If I get chips the Pokernews will have coverage. Pocketfiveslive. I might signup for FTSweat as well.

So here is the list of those who own me.

Vince - 1%
Darren - 1%
Mathieu - 1% (pending)
Ryan/Chris - 1%
Barb - 0.5%
Scott - 0.5%
Tylor - 1.5%
John - 1%
Wes - 1.5% (swap)
Kash - 1%

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just won my WSOP main event seat! See you in vegas!

edit: I think this is what I won, found it on the forums.

Congratulations.You won a $17,500 package including:
$10,500 tournament fee
$4,000 hotel
$2,000 travel and spending money
$1,000 entry fees for other poker events

If you want the $2,000 travel money put into your account, you should contact support asap. They will send you a contract that you should sign and send back.You will have to book your flights yourself.Your room is booked in the Mandalay Bay hotel from june 30 to july 17. Breakfast is included.You will be wined and dined and pampered, but hardly anything is known about when and how exactly.

OK I'll go throught the list first.

8) Betfair (sat in) - Failed. Super aggro preflop action all the time. Unfortunately I never got any traps set.
9) Mansion (sat in) - Failed. First Tilt of the day. Build up a nice stack. Then got aggro monkey to shove into my turned set. He rivered a gutshot.
10) Pokerroom Bounty - Winner, woot woot! See pic above, TR below.
11) Full Tilt OFC ($2k subevent) - Failed. Once again built up a nice stack, but just ran bad late.
12) Pokerroom (sat in) - Failed. Same story as usual. Built up a nice stack, top 10. A whole bunch of limpers and I find myself with QQ. I value squeeze shove to portray a bluff or AK hoping a smaller pair calls. EP ends up with KK, gg stack.
13) PokerStars 200 seat - Failed. Lost interest when I won my seat. Hovered around 10BB most of the time.
14) Cake 8 seat -(sat in) Failed. Kept on getting reshoved, and bled chips.
15) Full Tilt 150 seat - still playing. Lost interest, then rededicated myself. Solid players on my table so my stack has been moving up and down. Lots of restealing going on by me and others. Bah.. got myself back with a good stack, but just let it bleed down. Finished 280 I think.

Ok so here is the story of how I won the seat.

Pokerroom $100 Bounty tourney with 2 $17,500 wsop prize packages added. 1200+ players.

Honestly I can't remember much up until the $ bubble period. I had 8 tables going at one point. When I noticed that players were already stalling with 20 to go, thats when my aggro started. I built an avg stack to a top 30ish (130 bubble), all without showdown. I continued my aggressiveness preflop as there were a lot of Tight passives. There must have been a lot of satelliting into this thing. I easily built that into a top 3 stack by the time final table hit. Losing a chunk KK vs AQ.

No difference when the final table played out, everybody was trying to move up payouts or sneak into a wsop spot. I just kept taking and taking as people kept leaving their chips exposed. Once in a while i'd lose to shorties, but there wasn't much of a dent. Won a bunch of Ax vs Ax better kicker hands to eliminate some players. Even a JJ held to knock out a guy. When it got down to 3 handed I had a pretty good chip lead so I was excited. First hand I raise with JJ on the button, sb folds, bb shoves. I call, he flips over KK. Shit. Flop comes Jxx. Gin! x turn, x river. I love Jacks! At that point I was super excited, and pretty much forgot there was a $4k payout difference from 1st to 2nd. I had a huge lead, but he doubled up on me 89 > QT. I turned a straight and money went in. He made a flush. I still had the nut flush draw, but it didn't hit. Then i lost some more chips 77 vs QT. Lost the rest of my chips 33 vs AA a few hands later. I got pwnd headsup, but I don't think I cared too much.

So I ended up winning a $10k seat, $7500 in expenses, and $3700+ cash for the 2nd. I have no idea what I get for $7500, there is no info on their website. Just give me that in cash. :) My first intent was to fly down Thurs night, July 3. So much stuff going on the nights before that I don't want to miss though (PSO party, Bluff party). I think I might have to though, but pokerroom might also have a set schedule I have to follow. Anybody else going who likes UFC, I want to get tickets for the July 5 show. I'm going to try and play on sunday, though I have no idea how to register. Got a bunch of stuff to take of before I guess, was much easier when they were allowed to do everything for you.

For those who asked about staking, i'll give out details later.

Good luck with your wsop quest!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Last month of WSOP qualifying

Well so far no luck in my WSOP quest. Haven't posted much as i've been on such a downer. After posting my best month, May was my worst. I just sucked ass / ran bad in everythng. Started off June bad as well, but my last 2 sessions have gone ok. I turned down my aggro level a bit as the variance of playing that way gives you heart burn when things don't go right. Thats for NL, limit wise i'm just running super bad.

So here are my plans for WSOP qualifiers

Pokerroom - sats are super easy, I should have played these weekly. A qualifier everyday until the 15th. I can't make the weekday ones, but I should be able to play at least 3/4 weekend ones. Have 1 ticket right now.

PokerStars - I've given up on the steps. Sunday $650 25 seats are good value, just haven't been able to sat in. Will be playing the 200 seater $320 on the 15th.

Full Tilt - I think just the $500 150 seater on the 15th for me. Will try to sat in. BBT3 I just stunk it up. Two 2nd places in the final 2 weeks. Will play the subevent giveaway on the 8th though.

Mansion - Will play the 20seat $320 on the 15th

SunPoker - prob play the 1seat guarantee on the 8th. $220?

Betfair - 7 seat guarantee on the 15th is intriging. $500. 1st wins a wsope and wsop me seat. Will prob play

Action Poker Still have a step 7 to play. 10 person sng, winner gets seat. Sat or Sun night at 9pm. Prob is they hardly ever fill up.

Cake Poker Will continue playing these on Sunday. $215. Sat in with cake points if I have. Those sats are so bad though, players are awful.

ClubBluff ClubUBT skin from Bluff Magazine that uses subscripton style for buyins. ie) $20 a month will give you a bunch of points/freerolls. If i'm bored i'll try it out, theres a wsop me giveaway in a couple of weeks but need to sat in.

Will be playing in the P5 Open (stars, 1 seat added) on the 7th, and the PSO Absolute Poker seat giveaway on the 22nd. Played about 50 points yesterday (need 100 to qualify) and was prety easy. I so wish I had rakeback on here. I forgot about their double stack cash games.

Will prob skip

Everest - 10 seat on the 15th. $1000 buyin. If theres a good sat on the weekend i'll play, but the sats they have now are weekdays or just garbage (non guarantee, hardly ever reach min)

AP/UB - meh. If theres a big one coming up i'll play.

Party - I think they are on Fri. 6:30. Too early imo.

Hollywood - $320 if I sat. I recently had pokerroom and hollywood open at the same time, didnt' know you could do that. Not same tourney of course :)

Prima ones = meh

iPoker = don't like the satellite structures for any tournies on ipoker. Plus their jackpot sngs never run because the structures are so bad. 1000 starting chips.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

P5 Open

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