Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just won my WSOP main event seat! See you in vegas!

edit: I think this is what I won, found it on the forums.

Congratulations.You won a $17,500 package including:
$10,500 tournament fee
$4,000 hotel
$2,000 travel and spending money
$1,000 entry fees for other poker events

If you want the $2,000 travel money put into your account, you should contact support asap. They will send you a contract that you should sign and send back.You will have to book your flights yourself.Your room is booked in the Mandalay Bay hotel from june 30 to july 17. Breakfast is included.You will be wined and dined and pampered, but hardly anything is known about when and how exactly.

OK I'll go throught the list first.

8) Betfair (sat in) - Failed. Super aggro preflop action all the time. Unfortunately I never got any traps set.
9) Mansion (sat in) - Failed. First Tilt of the day. Build up a nice stack. Then got aggro monkey to shove into my turned set. He rivered a gutshot.
10) Pokerroom Bounty - Winner, woot woot! See pic above, TR below.
11) Full Tilt OFC ($2k subevent) - Failed. Once again built up a nice stack, but just ran bad late.
12) Pokerroom (sat in) - Failed. Same story as usual. Built up a nice stack, top 10. A whole bunch of limpers and I find myself with QQ. I value squeeze shove to portray a bluff or AK hoping a smaller pair calls. EP ends up with KK, gg stack.
13) PokerStars 200 seat - Failed. Lost interest when I won my seat. Hovered around 10BB most of the time.
14) Cake 8 seat -(sat in) Failed. Kept on getting reshoved, and bled chips.
15) Full Tilt 150 seat - still playing. Lost interest, then rededicated myself. Solid players on my table so my stack has been moving up and down. Lots of restealing going on by me and others. Bah.. got myself back with a good stack, but just let it bleed down. Finished 280 I think.

Ok so here is the story of how I won the seat.

Pokerroom $100 Bounty tourney with 2 $17,500 wsop prize packages added. 1200+ players.

Honestly I can't remember much up until the $ bubble period. I had 8 tables going at one point. When I noticed that players were already stalling with 20 to go, thats when my aggro started. I built an avg stack to a top 30ish (130 bubble), all without showdown. I continued my aggressiveness preflop as there were a lot of Tight passives. There must have been a lot of satelliting into this thing. I easily built that into a top 3 stack by the time final table hit. Losing a chunk KK vs AQ.

No difference when the final table played out, everybody was trying to move up payouts or sneak into a wsop spot. I just kept taking and taking as people kept leaving their chips exposed. Once in a while i'd lose to shorties, but there wasn't much of a dent. Won a bunch of Ax vs Ax better kicker hands to eliminate some players. Even a JJ held to knock out a guy. When it got down to 3 handed I had a pretty good chip lead so I was excited. First hand I raise with JJ on the button, sb folds, bb shoves. I call, he flips over KK. Shit. Flop comes Jxx. Gin! x turn, x river. I love Jacks! At that point I was super excited, and pretty much forgot there was a $4k payout difference from 1st to 2nd. I had a huge lead, but he doubled up on me 89 > QT. I turned a straight and money went in. He made a flush. I still had the nut flush draw, but it didn't hit. Then i lost some more chips 77 vs QT. Lost the rest of my chips 33 vs AA a few hands later. I got pwnd headsup, but I don't think I cared too much.

So I ended up winning a $10k seat, $7500 in expenses, and $3700+ cash for the 2nd. I have no idea what I get for $7500, there is no info on their website. Just give me that in cash. :) My first intent was to fly down Thurs night, July 3. So much stuff going on the nights before that I don't want to miss though (PSO party, Bluff party). I think I might have to though, but pokerroom might also have a set schedule I have to follow. Anybody else going who likes UFC, I want to get tickets for the July 5 show. I'm going to try and play on sunday, though I have no idea how to register. Got a bunch of stuff to take of before I guess, was much easier when they were allowed to do everything for you.

For those who asked about staking, i'll give out details later.

Good luck with your wsop quest!


Curatio said...

Congrats! Wish I could have played that one, the overlay was huge. Too bad the lag was so bad :(

actyper said...

Thanks! Will do a writeup later, still playing FT, but not doing very good anymore. What have u been up to, no more blogging?

Curatio said...

Still playing poker, but gave up on the blogging. Couldn't find time for it. I'm still alive at FT with an avg stack, so wish me luck.

DuggleBogey said...

Damn dude, you rule.

How much of your list did you play before you won one?

Omenic said...

Congrats Ash.

$11k at Full tilt- Weee river K

Keep winning em.

Take me too.

Scottwire said...

holy crap yo congrats!

we want to see you lots on espn! good luck!

actyper said...

Just missed your bustout hand Curatio, but I looked back on the history. That was a tough one. KK < A8

Curatio said...

Yeah, that's twice today KK didn't hold up when it mattered :( GL in Vegas, though. Might still see you there if I get lucky next week at the PSO Absolute freeroll.

Curatio said...

Sorry, I thought at first you won the seat at Mansion. The overlay comment was referring to the Mansion 20-seater, which had about 50% overlay.

Lifesagrind said...

1) Play satellite CHECK
2) Win satellite CHECK
3) Win bracelet

I look forward to hearing how you check off number three.

Gold999 said...

Contrats Ash!

Look forward to hearing all the details from your win. (How Pokeroom handles it) And then updates from the big event.

Riverrun said...

I forgot to post a congrats last night! Amazing job!

I better see a PokerTrainingGuide logo at the final table!

Pud's Poker said...

Congratulations on the ME seat, something I hope to win next year.

I trust you'll be taking the laptop with you to Vegoooose to update for the folks who have to stay at home?

lj said...

congrats!!! i used to LOVE pokerroom, but then they banned US players. :-(

i saw you in the ftp one w/ a decent stack, but didn't realize you already had a seat. plus, the 7.5k in expenses sounds awesome! wtg!

BWoP said...


Anonymous said...

you owe me $20...hehe J/K

Fuck Yeah Ash!! Great Job!!!

let me know how u r gonna do updates. Ill keep a look out.

Again, nice one mate


Chris said...

Congrats! I feel betrayed by your "I love jacks" comment though :(

Omenic said...


Scurvy covers the WSOP for PokerRoom.

He might be able to give the ins and outs for you.

actyper said...

Yeah I talked to him a few days ago. Thanks.