Monday, August 14, 2006

Up and Down Weekend

Up: - Qualified for Party Monster Monthly $1 million
- Qualified for another Party Monster Weekly
- Finished InterCasino monthly at $350
- Qualified for Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event $6 ($250k guar SH event)
- Finally got a nice payment from Gammon Empire

Down: - NL Cash games. Down about $100 overall. Worst beat was KK vs TT, when all $ went in after the turn. Rivered his 2outer T to take $200+ off of me.
- $55 $10k guaranteed. 89 entries. Finished 40ish when QQ lost to KJ. $ went in preflop, flop KKx. Took a big hit when dude would not lay down his pocket 7s after heavy betting on all streets.
- $50 Titan $250k NFL qualifier. Rivered flush knocked me out. AQ vs A8s
- Failed on 3 Party monster qualifiers. $11 buyins
- Titan Rio, lost big against a T6s with my AK. It was sooooted so ok to call my big preflop raise.

Even: - 3/6 cash games. Bad results on Paradise, good results on UB and Poker Share.

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