Friday, March 31, 2006

STT vs MTT, I finally win a MTT, well sort of.

Lately I've been trying to improve my currently struggling MTT game. My STT game has been awesome, so I have been puzzled by my lack of results. R1verrun has offerered me some advice, he is the current leader in the PSO League. Thanks.

Last night I played 3 MTTs. Bluff Poker Tour on VIP Poker, I went out 60ish out of 200, when my 88 did not hold up against an AJ. J on the turn. Poker Stars $1million qualifier. 120 people top 20 qualify, I go out 28th. Doh! WSOP Double Shootout qualifier, 70 players. I win my first table pretty easily. Final table, I build my stack nicely, especially on a flopped straight, and an opponnent flopped 2 pair. Played a nice aggressive game. End up heads up, and the guy wants to chop. I agreed even though I'm sure I could have taken him. He had a 2:1 chip lead on me after busting the 3rd place guy. So we split W$650 and $72.

So does this count as an MTT win or a SnG win?

Hmmm, just by writing this post I just thought of something. Maybe I'm trying to make moves against players where I have no information about (because of constant table changes). Something to think about.


Riverrun said...

Good to hear that you are getting deeper in the tournaments. Nice chop for first as well. Are you going to Montreal?? Im trying to get the time off of work.

actyper said...

I want to, I'm just swamped with work. If it was friday I'd probably do it.

Riverrun said...

I just bit the bullet and signed up. Took 2 days off. I cant wait!! I think its gonna be a great event, i'm going to have to dodge a lot of land mines im sure. If you want you can buy 50% of my action. ;)