Thursday, March 16, 2006

Win, Lose, Sucky, Lucky

Title says it all, and that has pretty much been my gambling play as of late.

MTT = Sucky
PSO Leage event #4. Decided to change my gameplay to being aggressive early. Worked for a while, but then I just couldn't lay down KK preflop and lost most of my chips. Ended up going out with 88 vs QQ.

STT = Win/Lose
Played some Titan and Party sitngos the past couple of days. Titan won 1/3. My 2 losses were river flush suckouts. I think most of these players still think they only need 2 to 1 to see the river. Party won 1.5 / 3. Won a $20 speed sng, lost a $10, and came 3rd in a wsop step 1 (have to play step 1 again). My play was pretty good in the $20 one, except maybe one hand which I misplayed a scary flop (by being scared). The step tourney I should have won, 2 big suckouts. Both times my opponent thought I was stealing their blinds. 1st time I had AQ and they pushed with J2. Q and J on the flop, J on the turn. 2nd time I had KT vs K8. Flopped an 8, and I was done. I was surprised though, the level of play was pretty high in this sng.

Casino = Win/Lucky
888 I continue to win off of my $150 sitting in there from Refer a Friends. Pretty sure I'm up over $600 now. Been betting $25 a hand, 3 handed. If my balance reaches $250 I would withdraw. I even told myself if I lost that bet I would take the $75 and throw it into the Millionaire Genie slot. I guess I'm lucky it hasn't happened yet.

Starluck I got pretty lucky. A refer a friend netted me $50 to play with. Threw it in a slot and got this my 2nd spin.

Too bad I reduced my bet to $2.25 from $4.50. After the wr, I ended up only cashing out $350 though. Thanks Nardo, a 2x ownage bonus for the next casino you do through me!

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Omenic said...

I'm in the mood to do a casino.

New ones or ones which I missed?

200 or 300 % would be good.

I know I haven't did Wild Jack yet.