Friday, May 04, 2007

Getting back on track MTT wise

Wow i'm sucking at mtts right now. Though I took a break in April from them, I still played a few with 0 cashes. The few that I've played this month, next to nothing in cashes. Though I do realize what my problem is...


I'm making too many moves, playing too many pots, trying to win too many pots! I'm also lacking focus, and making decisions rather quickly. I don't remember the last time I've gone into extra time, and its unusual for me to use more than half my time allowance.

The fix
  • Take more time making decisions
  • I don't need to win every pot
  • I don't need to risk my stack in winning a pot
  • I don't need to win a tourney during the early stages
  • I might cut down on multitabling for now.
  • Not everybody is bluffing me!!

I'll try this out on Sunday, see if it helps.


JL514 said...

"Not everybody is bluffing me!!"

This is key, stop multitabling and focus. No Messengers, no other tables, music if it helps you. Watch your table. Watch showdowns you're not involved in. See who's bluffing, and who seems to be a straight forward player.

I know this seems like obvious stuff, but when you're distracted by another table or something else, you stop watching your table when you're not involved in a hand. You lose so much valuable information when you don't pay attention. Find out who the bluffers are early, find out who likes to steal, who doesn't like to be stolen from. Just watch.

Sorry for the long comment, I just have a lot to say on the topic a I found myself being impatient and thinking everyone was making moves on me, and getting myself ejected from tournies when I had a decent chipstack that didn't need to be risked. I've cut back on distractions big time and i've seen nothing but improvement. You've had great success in the past, so that's not the question.

You hit the problems right on the head, now just follow through and you'll be cashing like crazy

actyper said...

Yeah its sick sometimes, I can watch all the hands I'm not involved with and pretty confidently deduce what the players are holding. When I play my own hand I lose focus.

In cash games, multitabling 4 tables I don't have a chance to get distracted. Action is fast and furious. In mtts, I might go through long periods with autofolding, even while multitabling.

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten this big lcd, now I just stack 4 tables on my main monitor, and fool around on the other! :)