Thursday, May 31, 2007

May Recap

Feels like I haven't made a post in forever. Not much to say, just grinding away. May isn't over yet but i doubt I'll be playing tonight, family wants to come over for some Mario Party 8 action on the wii. Haven't tried it out yet, looks fun though.

Cash Games = I run goot! I'm finally playing my cash games at a consistant level. Other than a couple of days this month, I'm pretty much positive for the day. Had it not been for a -$1,700 2 day downswing, would have looked even sweeter. That damage was done mostly at the $500NL tables so I've held back and deciding not to play more than 2 of those at a time. What I think I've improved on now is adapting my style to the table. I don't always need to turn on the extra aggression, if others are willing to bet for me, go ahead, I'll call down the rest of your chips if I think I'm holding the best hand.

What I need to work on though is my limit game. Played some hands at 5/10, and after each hand I always question why I played it that way. I'm not raising/folding at the right times, and I think I'm calling too much.

Completed the Pokersourceonline GNUF poker promo. Easy stuff, 4-5 hours 4 tabling 1/2NL 6max (of course). Made about $1200 after a $50 bonus, plus i'm in this Sunday's wsop satellite. Should be less than 100 players.

I still suck at satellites. I'm not sure whats wrong with me, I can't win them. Even last night I went 0 for 2 and the $24 double shootout 6max to the 150 wsop seat guaranteed. Went out like 1st hand in one of them when I slowplayed top 2 (KQ), and let dude catch up with a straight. Then went out 3rd overall when I tried to steal the blinds. Not sure what the chip leader was doing. Called the short stack for 1/2 his chips with 45o? I don't think it was collusion, probably misclick as he didn't play like it before. That put the other 2 tied and me as the short stack. Lost a flip earlier that would have eliminated the other player. Will still keep playing these, relatively easy.
On the regular mtt side, I'm playing decent, just not running good late in tournies. Losing dominated hands where it would make me amongst the chip leaders had it held up. Probably had about $1100 in tourny winnings this month, but could easily have been more. Didn't do any damage in the majors this month though.

- continue cash games. Mostly on Interpoker/Sunpoker, and Betfair depending on the bonus/rakeback situation
- might do Hollywood Poker PSO promo
- WSOP sats:
  • Pokerstars 150 seat guaranteed is June 17. (Where I won last year!). Will continue playing $24 6max double shootouts
  • FullTilt one is this month as well
  • Online Forum Challenge is this June 3
  • Hollywood Poker has one June 3
  • GNUF PSO Freeroll June 3
  • Pokerroom $30 WSOP subevent sats

- Usual sunday tournies (Mansion $100k, Prima $200k, Cake $20k, $20k, other deepstack tournies

- Some sats: Stars million, Titan $500k fpp, other sunday majors

Thats about it. Wanted to book vegas for Aug long weekend. Waited a day too long and price jumped +$200! Will have to look for another deal. Also remember to visit for your chance to win a free WSOP ME seat!

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JL514 said...

Congrats on the + month, keep it up Ash. Your numbers are really starting to look good.