Sunday, May 06, 2007

Thank goodness I can learn from my mistakes

Nothing big yet, but this will get my mtt confiedence back. Listened to my self and regained my composure by playing with patience, and taking time before making moves.

Mansion I played a strong aggressive game for the first couple of hours. Then I lost some chips when I went card dead and stayed passive, but patient. :)

Tripled up late with AA vs KK vs KQ.

Down to 21 folds to me in the SB, I shove and am called by the BB. A8 vs A7, and the river 7 sucks me out.

FT I knew I would do decent since it was a deep stack tourney. I'm pretty sure the added patience with especially help me in the deeper stack tournies.

I remained as a shorter stack during the late stages and prior to the final table, but I played great short stack poker. I shoved at the proper moments, and never left myself as a huge underdog. 87 was my favourite shoving hand! Except for my out hand though, 4 handed I shoved with A5s and was caught by AJo. 2 spades on the flop, but I couldn't suckout. GG Me!

Turning point of the day though was my first tournament. CAke poker $25 - $8k guaranteed. 3 to the money, folded to the SB who shoves on me. I'm holding 55 and for some reason called. I wasn't in great shape but I could have found a better moment to shove. He flipped over AA, and an A on the flop sealed the deal. Right after that I picked up a yellow sticky note and wrote:
and stuck it on my monitor. I think it worked!

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JL514 said...

Congrats on the scores, keep it up Ash