Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Madness

Decided to just go crazy on mtts today. Was profitable, but not what I expected, could have been better.

WPT Celebrity Inv Sat: -$11 (2nd)
FTOPS KO: -$129
FTOPS NL Sat: -$55
Prima $175k rebuy: -$245 (4 to the bubble, even though I had a top 50 stack with 5 to go)
Titan $200k: -$215
Mansion $150k: +$1650 (10th). Lost many flips to A rag. Otherwise Super Ninja mode activated.
FTOPS NL: -$320 (i just sucked this one)
Action Poker $25k: -$108. Flopped trips, got flushed.
Cake $100k: Still playing. Freerolled a gold chip sat to get in.

20/40 Limit: +$340
5/10 Limit: -$286
10/20 Limit: +$376

Tired, need redbull. 8.5hrs now. damn Sundays.


Anonymous said...



gold999 said...

Wow...that's a lot of tournaments in one day. You played more than I have the last 6 Months.

$20/40 Limit....moving on up.

How do you find the play at that level?

Anonymous said...

what's super ninja mode?

care to elaborate?


actyper said...

A lot of the same players on 20/40 as 10/20, so I decided to play.

Short stack ninja is escaping death by winning your allins. Super Ninja mode is achieved after eating the power up mushroom. Makes you invincible for the time being.

gold999 said...

I made a post about Cake...curious if you've witnessed the same thing or not.