Saturday, February 02, 2008

January Review

January was a very up and down month for me. Started off blazing hot, thought I would finish up a huge month. Then I dropped about $2k within a week, and it didn't look as nice anymore. I finished up decently though. My NLH was decent, numerous sets over sets killed me. My LH was hot, I think I made more on LH than NLH. Right now its mostly 5/10 limit with a couple 10/20s thrown in, but going to try and do more 10/20s.

My mtts were just awful, down over $1k on those, and I think I only had $1k in winnings. Lack of patience as previously described, but hopefully that will remain a thing of the past. Looking forward to FTOPs next week, I should be satelliting into a lot of those, though I have yet to play one. Lazy, and want to just wait for the super sats, the ones with like 100 seats guaranteed etc.
Will buy into at least 2 if I can't sat into them, probably the limit one as I'm feeling good about my game.

Finished just short of the 60hours that I wanted to play. Didn't quite average the $100 per hour either, but was at least in the $70 range. Once the rest of my rakeback payments come in, should jump a bit higher.

Feb not looking good so far. Have to dig out of a hole now.

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