Monday, January 28, 2008

Reminder to stay patient and focused

This is in regards to mtts (donkaments) which I seem to suck at this year. I guess that long xmas break I took really messed up my head. I can't seem to focus in these things, and I'm getting extremely impatient. Like getting a decent stack in with only a slight edge early just aint worth it. Though I have over 1k in mtt winnings this year I'm still down for the month, and playing these things kill my hourly rate. Will more than likely take this weekend off (da bowl) so will regroup by then, hopefully.

On the cash game front, I'm doing ok. Was running extremely well in NL, but coolers = tilt. I have numerous sets over set losses that hurt. But I'm still playing well though my profit should be a lot higher than it is. Limit poker I'm doing very well and loving it. I feel like I have the good fundamentals down pat, while my opponents are mostly clueless as when to bet, when to raise, check, call, etc.. Mixing in some 10/20 games now, though I feel the difference in level of play is huge.

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gold999 said...

I did get my cashout...I did some cover play on slots just to be safe.