Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Recap / 2008 Goals

2007 Goals
1) Better tracking. I was going to make my own tracking spreadsheet, but I a am pretty lazy. Done. New 2008 version available at VPIPoker.com
2) $ Amount. I'm not going to set a $ amount goal this year. I'll express it this way. Cash games I want to move up to $1000NL by the end of the year. I'm ready to play $400NL now anyways so its only 1 more step higher. Limit I'll stick with 5/10. Don't really want to play higher yet. Tournament goals below.
Boo. Still at $400/500NL after not doing as well, dropped back to $200NL. Very confident at that level. Went back to 400/500 end of the year with mixed success. Limit at 5/10 but didn't really play too much.
3) Qualify for another major event. WSOP/WPT/CPT. Due to vacation time, I don't think I'll be able to take that much time off work. So no week long ones such as Aruba, Atlantis, WPS, Aussie. WSOP will be tough. I need more vacation time, or just go pro.
Boo. No sat entries won, came close many times though.
4) Tournament Cash winnings. First goal is to get to $2k, then take home $5k, then $10k+. Going to try and play at least 1 $50+ tourney a week. Will continue to improve my tourney skills. Maybe rejoin pokerxfactor, though I probably won't have time to watch the videos again.
Boo. Had a few 1k+ cashes but highest was $3800. By november though my tournament game was pretty "on" so I'm confident for 2008.
5) Omaha/Horse. Learn and get better. Seems like more and more players are enjoying Horse games. I might as well join in the fun. I guess I'm an average Omaha/hi or lo player, I know I have a lot of room to improve though. Maybe I'll buy a book.
Boo. Didn't play much of any other games, prob even less than before.
6) Read. I have books galore that I have yet to read or finish yet.
?. Read a few more books, but joined pxf and watched card runner videos which are way better than books.
7) More Live Poker. Port Perry is only 45mins away. Fallsview/Niagara/Brantford are only 1.5hrs away. Yet I don't play much live poker at casinos. I should. Plus more home games as well. Maybe hit some undergrounds.
Boo. Pretty much only played live for WPT Niagara satellites and Vegas. Undergrounds are pretty much out of the question now since too many gone busto.

Even though I failed most of my goals, I had a successful 2007. Made more than any other previous year. Maybe too hard on myself, but I do like to push myself further. I know I've gotten a lot better, so hopefully that continues onto 2008.

2008 Goals
  1. Hourly Rate. I finished at an approx $50/hr rate. Had a losing July and a couple of sub 1k months which screwed it up. I'm setting my goal for $100/hr. I averaged 48hrs per month in 07, I should have that up to at least 60.
  2. Cash Games. Same as last year, get to $1000NL. Limit $10/20 which should be no prob.
  3. Tournaments. Definately should be able to get a 5 digit score.
  4. Satellites. Qualify for WSOP ME, WPT Niagara, Aussie or PCA Jan 09.
  5. Live Poker. Honestly not much, would rather play online
  6. Education. Continue learning and improving.

In summary I would like to be able to step into this full time if something should happen to my regular job either voluntarily or not. Time to make some serious money.


gold999 said...

Nice recap Ash.

I really enjoy following your story. I think a lot of us are trying to do what you are doing. I for one am just way back from where you are right now, but I keep plodding along.Following your story keeps me more modivated to keep improving.

You provide and share a lot of extra info for other players like myself...thank you!

All the best in 2008!

Chad C said...

Sorry I took you out of Mansion $100K :( Well sort of hahaha