Friday, October 06, 2006

Bad Beat Thursday

Wow this night sucked.

Paradise WPT Niagara final, finished in 19th. 1st gets seat, next 3 get 1-5k. I play a pretty good game, have about average stack. Raised preflop the last 2 hands, and then I get JJ. Regular raise, i get reraised about to about 3x my bet, and I push. He thinks about it for a while, then calls. I hold the Black Jacks, he holds the Reds. Flop = 2 hearts, Turn = Heart, do I even need to tell you the river?

Game #1753334747 - Tournament WPT Niagara - 200/400 No Limit Texas Hold'em - 2006/10/05-22:47:38.2 (CST) Table "WPT Niagara 11" (MTT) -- Seat 9 is the button Seat 1: JINXY_MONKEY (17,585 in chips) Seat 2: actyper (11,401 in chips) Seat 3: ZIGS N ZAGS (17,212 in chips) Seat 4: hobo! (10,034 in chips) Seat 5: Cucumber3 (3,640 in chips) Seat 6: honey earl (9,438 in chips) Seat 7: RIVERYOURASS (28,927 in chips) Seat 8: cannon9ball (6,181 in chips)
Seat 9: big Jim (11,005 in chips)
Seat 10: D SANDT 1 (9,372 in chips)
actyper : Ante (25)
ZIGS N ZAGS: Ante (25)
hobo! : Ante (25)
Cucumber3: Ante (25)
honey earl: Ante (25)
cannon9ball: Ante (25)
big Jim: Ante (25)
D SANDT 1: Ante (25)
D SANDT 1: Post Small Blind (200)
JINXY_MONKEY: Post Big Blind (400)
Dealt to actyper [ Jc ]
Dealt to actyper [ Js ]
actyper said, "how u know? :)"
actyper : Raise (1,200)
hobo! : Fold
Cucumber3: Fold
honey earl: Fold
RIVERYOURASS: Raise (3,000)
cannon9ball: Fold
big Jim: Fold
D SANDT 1: Fold
actyper : Raise (10,176)
RIVERYOURASS: Call (8,376)
Cucumber3 said, "LOL"
actyper said, "nh"
*** FLOP *** : [ 8h 4d 5h ]
*** TURN *** : [ 8h 4d 5h ] [ Ah ]
Cucumber3 said, "UHOH"
actyper said, "no"
Cucumber3 said, "NCIEEEEE"
actyper said, "wtf!"
*** RIVER *** : [ 8h 4d 5h Ah ] [ 4h ]
*** SUMMARY ***
Pot: 23,602 | Board: [ 8h 4d 5h Ah 4h ] JINXY_MONKEY lost 425 (folded) actyper lost 11,401 (showed hand) [ Jc Js ] (two pair, jacks and fours) ZIGS N ZAGS lost 25 (folded) hobo! lost 25 (folded)
Cucumber3 lost 25 (folded)
honey earl lost 25 (folded)
RIVERYOURASS bet 11,401, collected 23,602, net +12,201 (showed hand) [ Jh Jd ] (a flush, ace high) cannon9ball lost 25 (folded)
big Jim lost 25 (folded)
D SANDT 1 lost 225 (folded)

Then I try out Eurolinx Tain network, and I loved pokershare. 100% max $200, 4x pp. Use signup code WHORE and account transfer code OCTOBER. I get AA one hand, 2 callers. CB, and I get reraised on a rainbow flop, so I call. He bets out the turn, a 5, I pop, he calls. AA vs 56s. River 5. Another hand I raise with QQ, BB reraises, I push. QQ vs JT. Turn J, River T. Tain is rigged, fuken swedes. -$300 for the night.

Tried a Dise $15r to get into the $500 wpt. Made it far, but no dice.

3rd in my Fort Knox.

Shitty shitty night.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else get the Intercasino email? An extra 100% deposit bonus up to $50 on top of the regular monthly. Enter xtra4u in the bonus code box, valid until October 11th. Might be account specific, check your email boxes.

My condolences go out to the American bw's. I hope things will work out for you all in the future. Fuck Frist.

Kugr84 said...

JJ ever loses to JJ ^_^

That's a terrible beat!