Thursday, October 12, 2006

Continuing to build my stack

Played some more tourneys last night, but still looking for some good results. Building my stack doesn't seem to be a problem, I guess I'm trying to hold hit. At one point I was in the top 3 in chips in 4 out of 5 tournies. Taking some beats to bring me down though.

Me 10k, Villian 8k. AQ. Flop Axx. Check, Continuation bet, allin. I fold as I'm new to the table. I'm pretty sure I did have the best hand though.
A few hands later, same thing happens with the same villian. Except flop is Qxx. This time I call and he flips over TT. Runner runner flush kills my stack.

So out of the 5 tournies I played, could only cash 2 of them, and only 1 FT worth $200 for my 7th. I'm still sucking in the pokersourceonline league. Omenic won last night. I think I saw every flop last night but couldn't hit a single one.

BTW, got a RAF bonus for Jerry H and Ganesh G for the BetWWTS bet last week. Message me your picks.

Beta Blogger is cool. Instant publishing. My cookies aren't working properly though, so I have to relogon each time.


Omenic said...

don't be so cheap.

buy into the $2500 wtp event in niagara. at least try a satillite there.

Omenic said...

Won, got a bounty and knocked out the last 5 guys in the tourney.

actyper said...

Would love to play a live satellite, just no time.