Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Razor Collectables Poker Cards

I dunno why, I bought a box of these off of eBay. Collectable I guess. Not sure why I like to collect things, I just do. Ended up with a Josh Arieh and Chris Moneymaker autographed cards. Yeah.

Collecting sports cards was fun as a kid. Opening these packs up brought back memories.


Curatio said...

How's the $8K challenge coming along? Less than a week to go.

actyper said...

I need viagara. I'm back down to $5k. I blew $300 on a wpt niagara sat that didn't go my way.

Omenic said...

I got into hockey cards a few years ago.

I loved opening the packs it was great.

I got a pile of cards I need to get rid of though.