Friday, February 09, 2007

Johnny Cash - Man in Black

Finally back in the black on cash game play for Feb. Had 4 $200NL SH tables going plus 1 3/6 limit game. I play the limit ones cause the mpps clear faster. Surprised a had a profitable day as it started off terribly. AA utg I raised to $8. Next player (moron that i've taken $ from before, though he's had a few suckouts before) calls and everybody else folds. 963 rainbow flop. I bet $12, he raises to $24. I call here with the intention of a check raise turn. I pretty much put him on a complete bluff or at best A9s. I can't even give him credit for an overpair. Turn is a Q. I check and he bets $75. Wow, score I thought, so I put the rest of my chips in. He didn't have much left but calls. Flips over Q9o. WTF. So I'm back down to $50. Eventually I get it back up to $100 mostly taking back $ from that guy, but lost it all afterward to another player on an overplay on my part.

The other tables I just ran over. At least doubling my buyin on each NL table, and a decent $100 profit on my limit one. Constant bullying on my part led to over the top bluff raises by them. Good thing is that most of the time they tried that I actually had a hand or made a hand! My favourite hand was me in the sb with A5o. I elect to just complete. BB min raises. Fine, easy call. Flop comes 55x. Check, $5, I raise to $12, he raises to $24, I raise to $70, he pops, easy call. Flips over JJ. Don't min raise me!

Milking the cows
How do you play this hand?

UTG raise to $8
UTG +1 calls
Me (CO) calls with 44
Button calls
SB calls
BB calls

Flop: K94 rainbow

Checked around to me. Check, or bet (what amount?)?


Lifesagrind said...

Since the flop is rainbow and with only possible gutshots I'd be inclined to check this. This is one of those situations where you are looking for someone to bet their King now (and you can smooth call looking to check raise the turn) or you have to look for someone to catch up on the turn to maybe two pair.

A scare card is possible on the turn with the gutshots which may put you into a check-call mode but either way the turn is where I play this hand.

(then again my cash game record sucks so that speaks for itself)

Gold999 said...

see above :)

If I was last to act, I would probably put a small bet out there to milk some $, but since you have 3 players behind you I would check and hope one of the last 3 make a bet.

But what do I know, I can't play poker anyway

Curatio said...

I'd say bet it out, about 1/3-2/3 pot. It's a six-way raised pot, even if you take it down now, it's a decent score. And if you check, the button is likely to check behind you if he doesn't have a K, giving everyone a free card. I wouldn't want to give a middle pair a chance to hit a bigger set to your 4's. Betting out will get the middle pairs to fold and hopefully isolate you with someone holding a K.

actyper said...

I was thinking the exact same thing. I actually bet out a little more than 1/2 the pot. No biters and I took down the pot.

Guin said...

Bet your baby sets because you don't want to let someone else catch up.

Also, when you cbet you get more respect...

How often do you attempt an overbet for value with something like this? Make it hard for those TPTK guys to let it go ...

Anonymous said...

Yo Ash - Derrick here.

in that spot I definitely put in a bet, there's $27 in the pot right? I go $10, it's a hair over the preflop bet, so not out of line for a continuation bet since it was checked to you. Any K is calling and you build a pot, should you get check raised - now you can push knowing you have the best.