Sunday, February 25, 2007

I run not goot + boycott Titan Poker!

Titan Poker has just removed neteller completely for its customers. Thanks for the warning cock smokers! Just requested a bank draft, goodbye titan forever!

Extremely frustrated by tournies this week. Stupid shit like having Aces cracked by 45o and Q3s screws me up. Deep into tournies I'm running into Kings. A lot of opponent river catches is just making it worse. MTT variance sucks!!!!

The only semi good thing is that I finished 4th in step 6 party sng steps. Good for $500. This might have been the worst half of poker I have every played. Once it got down to 6 players (top 5 payout) I played like a pansy. I wanted to be the aggressor during the bubble, but it was too big of a bubble for me, no balls. It didn't help that the table consisted of 2 big stacks who were being the aggressors. I was 3rd in chips so I let the other guys do my job. By the time we got into the money I was down to < 3M. When it got down to 4 I was 2nd last in chips and could have snuck an extra $200 for 3rd, but I decided to go for the win instead. That is how I roll! :)

Maximum $25 buyins for tournies this week for me until I get my groove back.

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