Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What to drink while playing poker

What kind of water does a poker player drink?

Duh, Poker Water!

I promised to pimp this product

POKERWATER Health (tm) is an Advanced Immune System Support Dietary Supplement. A healthy immune system is the key to staying healthy in germ filled enviroments. This is why professional Poker player Brad "YUKON" Booth and professional Las Vegas Poker dealer Thomas Shue created POKERWATER Health (tm). It is specifically designed for poker players, craps shooters, slot players, dealers, floormen, chip runners, cashiers, and other employees. In general for anyone whom health is a concern. POKERWATER Health (tm) is a functional beverage that contains a certified blend of 21 herbs (each with a specfic function), all 5 electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamims, and GOJI - one of the worlds true Superfoods. Whether you drop in to see a show, rub elbows at the slots or gather at the tables, Drink this delicious, refeshing beverage and it will support your immune system defenses and defend against Germs, Bacteria, Cold & Flu Viruses.

Feel free to buy this product right off the site.

Americans can get a FREE sample!!!


Chipper said...

How appropriate that they chose a Donkey to be the mascot for Poker Water.

Poker Water - the beverage of choice for poker donkeys everywhere. LOL. said...

Red Bull for me.

MathP said...

Bawls all the way!

Too bad its scarcity is close to that of good politicians these days.

Chipper said...

I asked them for a free sample in exchange I'm going to put a banner to their site on my web site. I'll let you know what I think of it when the sample arrives.

actyper said...

Cool, let me know. I wouldn't mind trying it as well. I don't know how much RB&Vs my body can take.