Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Poker Tracker XL Uploaded

For those who want an online poker tracker / journal excel version, here it is. Full daily tracking by game type, table type, full statistics, bankroll tracking, and more. This should be a fully working version, with only bells and whistles to be added.

Please let me know any suggestions, errors, comments! Feel free to let others know about this if you like it!

Download it here or on the right sidebar. Enjoy!

Getting Started
Most important first step is to enter your balances for each room on the main page (Bankroll) in the "Opening Bankroll" column. This column should reflect your Jan 1 2007 opening bankroll. Now you'll have to play around with the Jan earnings/transactions etc so that your Feb will match up correctly.

Clear out the following:
Bankroll: C39:C76, P3, P4, F28, C31
Jan: I4:M14, O4:S14, X4:X*
Neteller: A6:E41

If you use any other depositing options you will have to create a new sheet and link it yourself similar to the neteller sheet.

I really wish I made this in Dec 06, would have made more sense.

If anybody needs a little help getting started, feel free to send me an email with your stats actyper @ or ask about msn.

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