Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Recap

Results for January did not end up where I wanted it. Yes I had a big $3400 score on Mansion, but thats about it. Below are my highlights for the month:
  • 1 for 10 in Mansion $100ks
  • 30% ITM rate for MTTs. All other cashes were pretty minor.
  • 30% ITM rate for SNGs
  • Negative for cash games for the month playing 1/2NL, 2/4-5/10L. Ahead if I include bonus and rakeback
  • Made almost $400 on casinos
  • 0% satellite efficiency. Odd, I thought I was good at those. 0 for 5 I think.

Final January profit = $3,200

The recap is a day early but I'm not going to play tonight. Look out for a big update on my poker tracker excel version tomorrow. A lot of ideas popped up during my last few sleeps so I figure I'll do some work and implement them tomorrow.

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