Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sun > Snow

Costa Rica was awesome! Just got back yesterday from 30deg weather to -10, sweet...

Everyday but the first was 30deg, sunny, no humidity. The first couple of nights we stayed at some ranch in the national park. There we did the forest hike, horseback riding, canopy tours (zip line adventure), tubing, and the mud bath. The hike was dissappointing, 2 hours and not much viewing in terms of wildlife. The best part of that was swimming in a frigid waterfall, scenery was unbelievable. Mudbath/hot springs was a complete waste of time. Horseback riding didn't hurt as much as I thought it would (per the boys) though it wasn't too exciting. The canopy tours was amazing. It was more than just a couple of zip lines, there were numerous! In addition there was a wall climb, tarzan swing, freefall drop, in was a whole adventure! Tubing was a blast as well. Bouncing off rocks in white water rapids, I even wiped out once.

The rest of the vacation we relaxed at a 5star resort. A mixture of on the beach and on the pool. Did some snorkeling, jet skiing, and drank a lot of fruity drinks.

Shitty part of the trip was when our plane for our return trip decides to crap out. Makes an emergency landing in Cancun, tries again and fails. We were at the airport at 11am and sent back to our respective hotels at 5pm. Would have been good if it was still early but pretty much all we got was another night's sleep and free dinner and drinks. Had to wake up at 4am the next day.

I'll post some pictures later.
Make Costa Rica an option for your next vacation, well worth it!!

So WTF happened when I was gone?
  • Neteller no longer deals with US players
  • US players waiting >1 week for their cheques
  • Booya Poker shuts down
  • Mansion changes time of its $100k guaranteed, plus no deposit options for us players

Anything else?


Curatio said...

Yes, all hell broke loose while you were gone. It all started when two of the founders of Neteller were arrested while travelling in the US. Things went downhill from there.

Totally sucks about Booya. I was looking forward to the league and some CPT tourneys. I guess your $1k CPT buy-in is a goner, now :(

Sounds like a great trip, though. Probably not a good destination for a family guy like me, eh?

actyper said...

Booya said they are still going to send out the cheque, and I have a good feeling they will keep their word. Good guys.

I think I saw maybe 3 kids in total. Definately not a family oriented vacation spot. A lot of couples we talked to left their kids at home!

Gold999 said...

Welcome back.

Sounds like you had a great trip.

I figured something was up with Booya a couple of weeks ago when they took their promo stuff (league #2,CPT, NHL) off their site. Too bad :(

Anonymous said...

Well, theres a nice Party general reload until Jan 30th.

10XRH for poker or 25XB WR in the cvasino. 20% with max bonus of $100.

Omenic said...

Fruity drinks, lol