Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Goals and 2006 Recap

Now that I've recovered from some new year's partying, here's my 06 recap / 07 goal post.

2006 Goals
1) Average $2.5k per month (poker/casino) = $30k for the year
Failed. Ended the year at just under $20k, about the same as last year. This year I did less bonus whoring though, so most of the $ made was actual winnings. I think I actually played less this year, especially cash games. A lot of time was also spent trying to qualify for Goal #2.
2) Qualify for the WSOP Main Event
Pass. Woohoo!
3) Qualify for a WPT tourney or another major event
Pass. Not a $10k WPT event, but a $1k CPT event should count.
4) Win a tourney with a min payout of $2k.
Failed I had a few $1k payouts this year, but my biggest was still $1.5k. Very disappointed here.

Synopsis: Not the result I expected from 2006, but I can't be upset with my results. My cash games, especially the short handed variety, has improved. I've moved up to 200NL, I was primarily a limit and 25/50NL bonus whoring player before. I know my tournament game has definately improved. I'm still haunted everyday about my near miss for the Titan Rio Jackpot ($70k) after coming sooo close. I hit that and I'm sure I would have had a $100k year. My biggest achievement easily was qualifying for the WSOP main event. I had a blast and its a chance in a lifetime for the casual player.

2007 Goals

1) Better tracking. I was going to make my own tracking spreadsheet, but I a am pretty lazy. Plus I downloaded Jester's Poker Tracker Excel version that looks fine.

2) $ Amount. I'm not going to set a $ amount goal this year. I'll express it this way. Cash games I want to move up to $1000NL by the end of the year. I'm ready to play $400NL now anyways so its only 1 more step higher. Limit I'll stick with 5/10. Don't really want to play higher yet. Tournament goals below.

3) Qualify for another major event. WSOP/WPT/CPT. Due to vacation time, I don't think I'll be able to take that much time off work. So no week long ones such as Aruba, Atlantis, WPS, Aussie. WSOP will be tough. I need more vacation time, or just go pro.

4) Tournament Cash winnings. First goal is to get to $2k, then take home $5k, then $10k+. Going to try and play at least 1 $50+ tourney a week. Will continue to improve my tourney skills. Maybe rejoin pokerxfactor, though I probably won't have time to watch the videos again.

5) Omaha/Horse. Learn and get better. Seems like more and more players are enjoying Horse games. I might as well join in the fun. I guess I'm an average Omaha/hi or lo player, I know I have a lot of room to improve though. Maybe I'll buy a book. Dammit just thought of a new goal.

6) Read. I have books galore that I have yet to read or finish yet. I need to goto jail or something. Need reading time.

7) More Live Poker. Port Perry is only 45mins away. Fallsview/Niagara/Brantford are only 1.5hrs away. Yet I don't play much live poker at casinos. I should. Plus more home games as well. Maybe hit some undergrounds.

Synopsis: I pretty much want to be a great poker player. I want to know for sure that if for some reason I became unemployed, I won't give a damn. Becoming a professional poker player definately has its pluses and minuses, but first things first, I wan't to be able to know without a doubt that I have that option. I dont' think that made sense, bleh. As I watch a fellow casino whore, hit21hit, go from casino whore to ranked tournament player, I figure I can do the same thing. Just have to learn from my mistakes, continue to study, and work hard. Wow school all over again, except its fun!


Lifesagrind said...

I can relate to the 2007 synopsis. It made sense. Always nice to know if a backup is available. My problem is the more pressure I put on myself, the worse I do.

Riverrun said...

Great year Actyper, and I think you are going to crush 2007.

Good luck

Omenic said...

Congrats on the great year Ash.

Rather than the $50 tourney a week I'd recommend playing more MTTs.

Play the Stars $3r or $5r or $10 or $20 freezeouts. In order to get deep you need to have a good game but then conditioning and experience comes in.

Playing several times a week and getting deep will allow you to win that $50 or $100 mtt sooner.

The guys I see making the jump play a pile. Drewsie, Lfunk11, mattwabota. they're not household names but they play several games a night.

Several a week would be better than one a week.

One success you didn't dwell upon is your satillite successes. you played a pile of tourneys through satillites. That is a major part of your overall game.

Your cash game has been a strength as well.

Congrats on the great 2006 and many successes in 2007.

actyper said...

Thats true, I didn't mention my satellite play which I guess I pretty much dominated. 2007 I want to play less satellites. Though it will reduce my costs, playing against that quality of play (satellite players) doesn't really improve my play anymore.

I'll still be playing plenty of lower limit mtts, most likely at the same time as another higher level one. I love rebuy tournies now, but I can't see myself playing too many 3/5rs. Only cause they take too long to play. I'd suggest that everybody start getting out of the misconception that rebuy tournies are all luckfests without any skill. What it really is, is a deep stack tourney where at the 1st break, theres a great potential for you to be one of the big stacks.

Like I've been saying to riverrun, I wish I was back in university. I'd probably be playing 10 tourneys a day! It would probably take me 20 years to graduate though!

scaryjerry said...

good luck on achieving your goals actyper.Its all about the growth, and you have had some huge accomplishments this past year. I hope to mirror some of your success.

Gold999 said...

Great review and a great year you had!

I'm looking forward to following your progress throughout 2007.

I'm also learning by playing in tournaments like the PSO & Booya poker leagues from you guys.(Riverrun, Curatio, etc)