Saturday, March 03, 2007

Feb Recap

Though profitable, Feb turned up being more disappointing than anything. Mostly because it started off so well. After the first weekend I was up over $2k from my tournament winnings. By the next week through solid cash game play I was up another thousand. From there on it was a bumpy ride, down and up, and down, and down, and down. Ended the month +$1700.

Hours - 48
Hrly rate - $35
SnG ITM - 65% 11/17
MTT ITM - 15% 4/28
Sat % - 8%

- MTT play: Started off good, but just didn't run good during late stages of tournies. Ran into monsters preflop, and some donks. ie) AA vs 45o preflop late in a Mansion tourney.
- SnG: Party steps has been profitable. Turned $30 into $500.
- Cash 1/2NL SH. Or NL SH in general. Dabled 2/5NL for a bit. Lost a buyin and a 1/2. Bad beats lost it all but otherwise I'll probably play more of this limit in March and take it from there.

- SH Limit games: I just stunk in them. Bad reads, overplaying, prob bluffing too much when it obv that I'd be called down.
- Satellites: I completely suck at these now. Period. <<< = Satellite donk. I have now won 1 out of 17 satellites for 2007.

- several good promos as posted below. I'll probably have a few more hours in for March then I did for Feb. Weird I've only played 90hrs for 2007. Seems low, need to play more! :)

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