Friday, March 23, 2007

Help Wanted: Need Heads Up Coach!

I used to think that I was pretty good HeadsUp. Now I realize that I suck!!! Its been a while since I've won a tournament, sit and gos not included. I have over $7k in tournament winnings this year without a first. In fact I have 3 2nd place finishes! The difference in those 2nds equates to roughly $1700 difference, so thats some nice lost equity.

Last night I lost headsup twice. First one we were about even. Was against a loose passive preflop player who slowplayed everything. Unfortunately he took a lot of my chips playing that way as he hit a lot of boards. Down to 2:1 for him, all my chips are in 88 vs 55. River 5.

2nd headsup I was 8:1 underdog with an M of around 7. Lost 1/2 my chips with 2nd pair, and then I just through the rest in preflop the next hand with J9o.

I need to practice my headsup, finishing 2nd sucks. Anybody want to coach?


Omenic said...


Fold to them a bunch and raise standard when you play.

They will get frustrated when you fold to their big PP.

Anonymous said...

Only bitches get 2nd place.