Thursday, March 29, 2007

Canadian eWallet Discussion

The most up to date thread on Canadian eWallet Option is here on 2+2. Thanks to user BoboFett for starting it up.

Neteller - NO
Firepay - NO
myCitadel - NO

Moneybookers - AP, b2b, Party, UB, Everest, iPoker, Microgaming (some), OnGame, Pacific, WSEX
Click2Pay - AP, UB, Crypto (some), Everest, iPoker, Microgaming (some), OnGame, Boss (some), FT
ePassporte - AP, Stars, UB, FT
ATMOnline - UB
EcoCard - iPoker, Microgaming (some)

Credit Cards:
No - Royal Bank

Click2Pay is Canadian funds only but there is absolute no exchange fee.
Moneybookers requires some sort of Swift# to withdraw, but I would just use moneybookers to deposit into Party. Then use Party to withdraw to my bank account because of its favourable exchange rates. There might be some problems with depositing into a moneybooker account via credit card though. My moneybooker account was originally setup i think when I withdrew from Best Casino.


Anonymous said...

It looks like I have to definitely apply for a new Visa card to fund Click2pay. Damn RBC. If anyone can suggest any Canadian cards that allow hassle free deposits with Click2pay that would be great.

Anyone else recieve the Intercasino bonus offer? Its a $50 bonus if you deposit with Click2pay between now and April 12th. 25XB WR.

Anonymous said...

Actyper, you were able to withdraw from Best Poker to your moneybookers without making a deposit there with mb first? Nice way to fund the mb, I don't think any other site would let you do that though.

actyper said...

Yes, I have never funded MB myself, nor have I setup withdraw capability there either. Dekar is trying that with UB now, hopefully that works.

I got that bonus with inter as well. Can you fund C2P with a bank account?

Anonymous said...

Actyper, yes you can fund C2P with your bank account, but only with bank wires. No EFT's like Neteller...sigh. Found that info on page 13 or 14 of Bobo's 2+2 post.

RBC charges me $42! for a wire transfer. Blah.

actyper said...

I just signed up for C2P. Then they claim the phone# I gave them was wrong, so I called them up. Had to send in my docs. Account is still locked.

Anonymous said...

I tried registering with Click2Pay just now. When I get to the credit card registration page, it rejects my RBC Visa and MBNA Mastercard. Keeps saying the "card number is invalid".

I thought this step was just for age verification, I just want to fund the account with a wire transfer. So its looks like I need to get a cc.

Actyper, may I ask which cc you used that their system accepted?

actyper said...

Forgot to mention that as well. My PC mastercard was rejected, but my CIBC Visa worked.

JL514 said...

a swift code is just your banks international identification code. its 6 alphanumeric characters (if i remember correctly) and doesn't change. So you'd only need to find it out once.

Curatio said...

I think the exchange rates at Party are no longer as juicy as they used to be.

2+2 thread

actyper said...

Definately not as juicy as before, though last time we checked it was still beating the bank rates.