Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aggressive Disaster

Playing non standard top hands aggressively in position is usually a +EV move that will increase your bankroll nicely. The key to them is that you win big pots and lose small ones. At least thats what I thought.

T9s is a hand I love to play aggressively. It hits sooo many hands and can brokeback a high pair easily. I got it twice and both times were disasterous. The first time I hit trip 9s on the flop on a 997 flop. After he called my flop bet I was certain he had an overpair. Turn was an 8. Looks good but not a good card for me unless he has a 9 as well with a better kicker. Ends up that he was holding 88 and I go broke.

Second time I didn't play it as aggressively and let the initial raiser take the post flop betting lead. The reason for that was because I was in the cutoff and the button came along for the ride as well. Flop gave me a flush draw but there were 2 kings on the flop. After I called the bettors bet, so did the button. Right away I thought he had a K, prob KJ as he did not raise. Turn produced a rag. Small bet where we both called. Now I knew he had KJ for sure, and the original raiser I couldn't care less about. River was the dreaded Js which completed my flush. Was forced to check behind and hope that the button only bet a small value bet. He bet about a 1/4 so I called. I hate doing that, and have to learn to trust my instincts. I'm not sure but mathematics tells me I have to call those though.

Other News
Just for discussion purposes, I'm going to start posting daily news (or news since I last posted), about things that affect me. Good or bad, plus I'll always add an ugly.
  • CRTC wireless freedom in effect today. I'm not sure how it works in the states but finally today we can switch cell phone providers without having to change our phone numbers! I have already frauded my cell provider into giving me a corporate plan so I don't think I'm going to change, but this is great news in terms of receiving better customer service from the providers! Good
  • UFC event #70 on April 21 will be shown for FREE on SpikeTV. The event taking place in the UK is scheduled for a 2pm est start, but there might be a tape delay here to show it during bar friendly hours. The UFC missed the PPV deadline and couldn't come to an agreement with HBO, therefore viewers win out! Good
  • Tori Spelling is officially off the market has she just had a baby boy yesterday. So all you guys who had thoughts of hooking up with the freak with an acre gap between her two jugs, only wet dreams from now on. Ugly

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