Thursday, March 29, 2007


If you need a Moneybookers account, feel free to signup here.
Referal code 2533033


Gold999 said...

Hey Ash, I'm trying to come up with a gameplan on how to handle this current Neteller situation. I'm curious what you intend to do? Perhaps you can do a post on that.

1. Are you consolidating $ back to Neteller from non regular playing sites.

2. Are you dumping money into several (regular playing) rooms before the 9th?(which one's)

3. Are you just going to try and use a new payment processor like Moneybookers and not worry about 1 & 2.

I e-mailed Interpoker last night and questioned them on their reload revolution. I suggested that their "no deposit" bonus should be at the same clearance rate as the "deposit" reload bonus. Perhaps they'll change it so we don't have to move money in and out of that site.

As always, thank you for your advice. I'm sure you have a lot of people riding your coattails like myself. :)

actyper said...

Thanks for emailing Interpoker, I was going to do the same, just been lazy.

Still deciding my overall plan, but here is what I'm planning so far.

- ewallets click2pay and moneybookers. So far click2pay still has my account locked, not in my good books so far. Both wallets will mainly be used for "bridging" as my main goal will be to get $ into party for withdrawals.

- I am not going to withdraw from sites where I have smaller rolls <$100. I'll just play those ones out, and if I win some tournaments on those sites, I'll just withdraw via cheque.
- Once I bust out of those sites, uninstall forever.
- Main sites will be Stars, FullTilt, Interpoker, UB, Absolute, Party, Paradise
- Paradise I have probably $1k in uncleared bonus. I might give it a shot there for a while.
- No idea what I'm going to do on Sun Poker. Have RB there and is the same as Inter without the reload rev bonus. WSOP seats are paid out in cash there so I might keep it all.
- Mansion is another interesting one. I pretty much only play the $100k guar there. If they ever stop that I have no use for $ there, unless they start up a new promo.

April was going to be my cash game challenge that I will explain later. This neteller thing messed things up.

Last thing I want to do is withdrawal funds to my bank account, and have the wife use it on shoes.

Anonymous said...

I'm having problems opening a Click2Pay account too.

I created a moneybookers account a yuear ago but still have not funded it.

If Full Tilt, Pokerstars, and the Cryptos (Inter and Sun) accepted moneybookers then I would be set. Fucking Neteller.

Anonymous said...

Intercasino just changed conditions for monthly. 50x for BJ. 25x for other table games, and 18 for slots. Might still be worthwhile if you play pai gow or some other table game....otherwise might not need click2pay for cryptos.