Monday, March 26, 2007

Fat Finger Bluff

Yesterday I had my fat finger bluff backfire.

Blinds 15/30. I'm holding AA in EP.

Raise to 1000.

LP pushes allin. Obv call.

AA vs JJ.

Flop: AQT Turn: 9

He rivers a straight on me, doh!!!

I love this bluff. Sucks when it backfires though.

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Curatio said...

I was playing the Mansion $100K also, and saw that happen. It was a sick beat, but a nice play, though. You were pushed off a big pot earlier by a bluff, and it sure looked like you were on tilt. But it probably only works against people who don't know you, 'cause when I saw your huge overbet, I was pretty sure you had AA.