Monday, September 11, 2006

The Good and the Bad

Here is my weekend recap

MTT play: Played in 6 mtts over the weekend and cashed in on 4 of them.
- Empire $20k - 200ish/2500. Bottom of the $
- PokerShare: $10 rebuy. Finished 11th. $80
- Mansion Poker Dome Final: Finished 7th. $144. Top 2 would have gotten seats.
- Stars WCOOP sat (limit): Busted midway
- Paradise WPT Qualifier - won rebuy mtt
- Paradise WPT Final - Finished 90th

I started to get into rebuy tournies, and so far im 2for2. Not going to try out the big ones yet as I don't think I've played enough yet, but I'm liking them now. I think the key is to pickout the crazy rebuyers. Those who are going to always rebuy, and for some reason only rebuy the 1 buyin. I think I knocked out the same guy 5 times to build up my stack. Was calling and pushing him with garbage where I knew I would still have the edge. Ace rags, or if I made a pair on the flop I would still push him as I knew he would call with nothing.

I also played a couple home games on saturday at a friends BBQ. Won both of those! :)

So I've gone pretty deep in my mtts lately, problem is I'm not winning. Making good decisions and picking my spots. Dissappointed in my mansion result, considering the field I should have won a spot on the show. Crippled myself early, then got back up, then back down with TPTK when I tried isolating the opener, and last to act pushed with his set. Odds forced me to call. One of the eventual seat winners was a donkey. He was my doubleupper. Though he was also the one who decided to call with his 66 underpair with 5 overcards and I was playing like I had paired my Ace.

With the Paradise event, I just couldn't hit any flops. The only big hand I would have won is with TT. EP standard raise, I call in MP, LP big raise, EP push, I fold, LP call. AA vs KK. T on the flop. I eventually went out AKs vs TT. 2 hearts on the flop, but I couldn't hit either the turn or the river. Goodbye. I think this tourney started too late, 10pm on a Sunday night.

The PokerShare rebuy tourney I felt I should have won as well. Was playing good, but the blinds just got too high. Was a turbo game. Lost 1/2 my stack with TT vs AK (weird, I lost on both sides of this scenario). That left me with 2M. Tried to steal with someone who just had me covered, didn't work.

I'm planning to play some Real $ events this week. My plan is too only Sat into "Live events" and buy directly into $ events to save time. Other than big $ events, $500+. I'll still play Pokerstars Double Shootouts though, I think they are still worthwhile. I decided not to play the Stars 1mil this week just due to the start time of the Paradise WPT. 4pm was my Pokerdome and 10pm for the WPT event. I'd be playing all day and would be worn out at 10. Will definately be playing more Rebuy events as well. Try it out, I used to hate them, but they are growing on me.

Hopefully all the emails of encouragement will help me out ...

"Good luck actyper!" - stupid spammers

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Lifesagrind said...

At least now I know that the Good Luck emails are because of blogger. :)

I feel your pain in the tournament arena. Aside from some blogger tourneys I haven't been able to close the deal lately either.

It will turn around eventually...right?