Saturday, September 02, 2006

$8k Challenge Day 1

61 Days between Sep 1 and Oct 31, which translates into $131 profit per day to reach $8k.

Cash Games - Poker in Canada 5/10L, Sun 2/4L, 1/2NL
= +$17.
Summary: Pretty boring play, nothing exciting, was really concentrating on it.

SNG - Titan Rio $24
= -$24
Summary: Busted out 4th, committed myself with KQo

MTT - Empire $20k Guar, Stars $20 180, Stars DS $1mil sat
= +$269
Summary: Stars 180 busted out early with TT. Empire finished in 23rd. 2500 players. Could have done better but made some questionable laydowns. Had 88, and laid down to a BB allin protect. Eventually short stacked, went in on the button with A7o. I have to lay off the Arag in short stack situations. Won my Stars Double shootout pretty easily.

Day 1 Total = +$262 200% on target.

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