Friday, November 11, 2005

Finally, my 1st MTT Win!!!

After a year and a half of playing, finally got my first MTT win. Though not my biggest win, this one still feels better. Finally got that damn monkey off my back. I almost blew it too! Played an amazing final table game. Didn't lose a hand before heads up. Made some great laydowns preflop, JJ, 99, both times somebody else had KK. Won all my steals, and all my allins, and didn't require any bad beats to do so.
When it came down to Heads Up I almost blew it! 9to1 chip advantage, but I kept losing to top pair. He had about a 3to1 now, and after some steals got back to pretty much even. Made him put me allin with me holding AK and him KJ. AK held up. On the next hand I finished him off with K high I believe.
This was on, probably the site with the best tourney structures on the net. I guess I'll continue tourneys on that site!


Omenic said...


Now the BPT win and a Nutz chip.

actyper said...

I might be done with the BPT, given up. If I have nothing else to do those nights I'll play. Looking forward to season 2 instead, i need a fresh start.

Omenic said...

You have 100 + points.

You are in the final.

Any extra points you earn go into your chip total.

Lifesagrind said...

The first one is always the hardest. Once you get over the hump your confidence level increases and it shows on the table.


Riverrun said...

Great work, I can only dream of getting to a final table, let alone taking down first.

Anonymous said...

hmmm ... my dream :P Grats

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