Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hey I actually played some Poker this weekend!

Its been a while since I've sat down and played some ring game pokah. Did the following this weekend. Finished off my Gaming Club reload, earn enough stars for the 2 Titan Freerolls (1 curtousy of PokerSourceOnline, qualify for the Paradise million freeroll.

Gaming club finished up $170 after $100 bonus.
Titan up $200 after $30 bonus.
Paradise up $150. Qualified for 2 freerolls

So a nice weekend on the cash tables.

1st paradise freeroll, busted out when my AQ TPTK lost to a flush that somehow called with those odds. Playing the 2nd freeroll as I type.
Party tournies: 3rd in a $30 sng for $60. CPC qualifer knocked out early. QQ vs 33. Caught a 7 for his straight on the river.
Came 4th in a Step Higher tourney, repeat Step 1.
Titan Maui, came in 3rd.

This is how not to play in a Party Step tourney.
4 players left:
EP limps in
I hold JJ and limp in. (Reasoning: next player likes to push on weak entries, has done it numerous times)
SB: surprisingly just limps in.
BB: check

Flop comes 10 high.

SB: check
BB: allin
UTG: allin

I have them both covered by a little, and me being a super pussy tonight decide to fold. BB turns over 10x, UTG turns over A10. WTF was I thinking. Could have knocked both of them out and qualified for the next level. STupid ass me, ended up 3rd = nothing.

Check your mail for an InterCasino cd. Contains the code marvel for a free $10 to play on their marvel casinos. Finished the wr on that with $13, woohoo!

Breakaway Casino busted playing pontoon. For my last bet, I hit a pontoon, and then the dealer hits his pontoon. Thats why I hate RTG.

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