Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sept 28: Poker Rewards & Collusion grrr...

Just finished up my Poker Rewards initial deposit bonus last night. 2000 raked hands, for a $210 bonus. Thats on top of the $150 I made and the PSO bonus. So not too shabby. What I love about Prima - Multitabling. I love the mini-view (took a bit to get used to). Was able to 8-table at ease. Though I probably could have played better with playing less tables, I think my $/hr this way was > extra $ I would have made or saved.

Later on I played one of those Rounders Sit-N-Go's where the top 2 winners of each level move on to the next level. Was doing all right, until some blantant collusion. Guys were so stupid they were even talking about it in chat! "I have a straight, fold" So the other guy folds, and a straight is indeed shown. One dude was revealing his cards almost every hand they played together! Reported and hopefully they get the boot, and I get my buyin refunded.

Previous Bankroll: $12,700
Night's earnings: +$250
Current Bankroll: $12,950

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