Monday, July 16, 2007

Brief Update

Hey an actual post! I guess like everyone else, summer season is pretty slow and we all get pretty lazy when it comes to blogging. I wanted to play less online poker during July and try to enjoy some sun. Also wanted to tryout some underground live games, but have yet to do so.

In terms of online, this is what I've been up to.

Played Sunday tournies for the first time in July yesterday. I wish I hadn't, its just damn frustrating. Most of my tournies I built up a nice stack early, and just can't win the big pots later on. I'm making the right reads, making the right plays, just not winning the flips or the favourites. No real bad beats, but often just winning the right pot at the right time becomes a tournament altering situation. One play that is really a major pet peeve of mine are those who still love Ace rag! These guys are calling off stacks without odds or stack ratios with that crap, and just seeing that Ace hit on the board makes me cringe. I guess if these guys weren't around a wouldn't have built my stack up anyways.

A couple of those put me on tilt in another tourney. So pissed that I hit the wrong button, ended up minreraising a pot with Q3o. I wish that site had an allin button instead, probaby would have gotten that guy to fold, he only had 55 but it held. At that time I had a decent stack and good read on the table, and could have taken it down.

No more MTTs until august. Nothing major this month anyways, might as well regroup for FTOPS.

For those Canadians with time to kill, check out Easy freerolls to win a trip to Vegas. I usually have it in the background when I'm playing or doing something else. Don't really need to think, just shove when you have something and you'll often get called.

On the cash games side, I've pretty much been on Party working off a bonus. They're not really as soft as I was hoping, probably because its bonus time. I really got to stop chasing bonuses and just play one site and build it up. A free $100 bonus or whatever is fine, but playing against weaker oponents is greater EV. After this party bonus is done, going to stick to Betfair and nothing else. Hopefully I stick to my plans this time. I think I said I wouldn't play any tournies in July = X. I think I also said no more Limit = X.

Still in the red for the month, but hopefully I'll turn it around the 2nd half of the month which should only be cash games. The only other tournament I believe I'm going to play is some Titan world challenge where you can win a Porsche. A $5 league. Already missed the first 2, but you only need to be top 35 to move on. Should be relatively easy. Mondays at 10pm est I think. I missed last weeks because it shows Tuesday on the Titan site. Stupid me forgot Tues 3am BST = Monday night.

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gold999 said...

I think a lot of people are in the same boat with the dog days of summer.

Spending time outside,at the lake or camping, and drinking lot's of Cold Beer!!!!!

I wonder if a little bit of the online poker lustre is fading?