Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Recap

In short, had my best month of the year so far playing the least amount of hours so far. What gives??

  • Played 43hrs, have been averaging about 60
  • Only 1 significant tourney cash - 2nd in Absolute $11k for just under $2k
  • Owned at limit, especially at 20/40
  • Not much happening in NL
  • About 7-8k hands altogether
  • Still no WSOP ME seat
  • Pretty good at satelliting
  • Pretty bad at sng'ing (except for those Action poker ones)
  • Total of a $6k month

May I'll prob play about the same or less. Too many busy sundays, damn running out of time for these wsop qualifiers.


Gold999 said...

Very nice month!
$60/hr, when you going pro full time?

actyper said...

Thats more than double $60/hr. :)

Won't even consider it until next year, unless I get some huge scores. (new house/mortgage reasons)

Pud's Poker said...

Actyper, what's your take on the WSOP delaying the final table by three months? Do you think it has diluted some of the WSOP magic or doyou think it could be a good thing?

Personally I think it sucks balls but if you're in the final 9 it would be a great oppurtunity to get some serious sponsorship deals from the big sites for sure.

actyper said...

I think its a crappy idea that benefits Harrahs/ESPN only. I've already posted my displeasure on different forums about it.

The thing about getting different sponsorship is that 1/3 of the players are online who won their seats and will be sponsored anyways. Unless your willing to break your agreement and sign elsewhere, its really a non issue.

Another thing is, 4+ months wait, thats an unnessary wait time. Plus the question of what happens with the final table $ in the delay. Heard that everybody is guar 9th place immediately, and that interest earned would go back in the prize pool, but its just silly this whole thing.