Monday, January 05, 2009

2008 Recap / 2009 Goals

2008 Goals

1. Hourly Rate. I finished at an approx $50/hr rate. Had a losing July and a couple of sub 1k months which screwed it up. I'm setting my goal for $100/hr. I averaged 48hrs per month in 07, I should have that up to at least 60.

Got about halfway there in the $70s/hr

2. Cash Games. Same as last year, get to $1000NL. Limit $10/20 which should be no prob.

Epic Fail, not even close. Still playing mostly $200nl, some $400nl. Though a lot has to do with not having a regular site. Beginning of the year was playing on mostly cake, but that site turned incredibly tight. So now I have my rolls spread across multiple sites and no home cash game site. As of right now it is Carbon. Limit wise I had been playing 20/40 but the variance was too big for me right now. So I consider myself a regular 10/20 player if I play limit. Haven't touched limit poker for many months now though.

3. Tournaments. Definately should be able to get a 5 digit score.

3x 5 digit scores.

4. Satellites. Qualify for WSOP ME, WPT Niagara, Aussie or PCA Jan 09.

Qualified for WSOP ME. Bubbled WPT Niagara twice. Bubbled another WPT seat. Aussie/PCA didn't really try as hard to get in as I could of.

5. Live Poker. Honestly not much, would rather play online

Played jack all live poker except for trips to Vegas and friendly home games.

6. Education. Continue learning and improving. Nuff said, I guess I watched a lot of videos. Have the oppurtunity to watch a lot more.

Will also do a 2008 site by site recap later.

2009 Goals

1. $100k. Want to try and reach $100k profit for the year. That is with part time hours, approx 60hrs per month or $130/hr.

2. Tournaments. Min 5x 5 digit scores. Will have to if I want to reach $100k. Also want to do better in the major tournies. In 2008 I sucked in major tournies, best I did were min cashes. I could sat in them fine but I'd choke in the big game.

3. Live qualifiers. Pretty much only WSOP ME and WPT Niagara are the big ones. Still tough to get time off to play many of the others. Might play a few of the Port Perry CPT monthly tournies. $550 freezeouts. Will try for the BC Open as well.

4. Cash games. I dunno what to do here. Probably continue at $200nl at one site until I have a roll there to play $400nl. Or just cheat and transfer funds from one site to another. I don't see myself playing limit for a while, puts me on tilt a lot. I still believe that limit players are overall weaker though.

5. Staking. I might pursue this further. Only have 1 regular horse right now, but since end of july has turned $2k to $10k+. Will start scouting I guess. Low levels only though, can't afford to big time stake.

In conclusion, i'd have to say 2008 had more positives than negatives. Made more $ than the previous year, had some decent tourney results. Cash games were a dissapointment as I didn't progress, and live cash games in Vegas I still suck at. I also got more confident that I can do this sucessfully full time if I get canned at work. Automotive sector, yippee! So at least I have a nice bailout job for now. Blogging wise, i've lost the desire to write. Seems like its the same with most of the other casual bloggers. Kinda lost its appeal, and just don't want to take the time and effort. I'll still blog my brags though. :)


Guin said...

What type of annual income were you making last year part time? I guess I really got to improve on the $12 / hr rate that I am currently running at!

Don't stop posting as some of us need the tips and to hear that even you have to struggle some months.

actyper said...

I did just under $50k. Includes all bonus and rb. Had a terrible Sept/Oct that just had me in a rut. I think at the very list i'll do a monthly recap post. 2009 is sucking so far, had a very bad sunday.

Omenic said...

Did you get the Titan Casino email?


4000 with a strange symbol in the front