Monday, June 07, 2010

BBT5 Consolation prize

The BBT5 quest for a wsop me seat was a failure for me this year, even though according to HeffMike's bbt report in 9 events I had 3 final tables, and 5 cashes, I still blew it and never got into the TOC. But a week later there was this consolation prize, a $4k freeroll where the winner gets a $2k wsop package.

Shipped it!

My headsup play has been pretty bad lately so I tried something new and I think it worked.

Thanks again to AL and Full Tilt for making this happen, I'm sure I'll have a PARTY of a time out there.

Still not sure what I am going to play, it all depends if I qualify for the main event or not. My options are:

Event #42 - $1500 NL - Wed June 23
Event #45 - $1000 NL - Fri June 25
Event #49 - $1500 NL - Mon June 29
Event #54 - $1000 NL - Thu July 1
Event #59 - $2500 NL - Fri July 2

I'm such a last minute planner.

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