Sunday, November 19, 2006

A satellite entry = $? WTH is going on?

Finally broke my long draught of not being able to turn hard earned satellite entries into significant cashes. Full Tilt FTOPS Main Event. $500 buyin. approx 2500 entries, 1st place paid out $220k. I played 3 satellites to try to get in, all turbos, and all today. A $4, a $100, and a $24. I got in with the $24, though I played good enough to get in all 3. Bubbled both the 4 and 100, the 100 I took some nasty beats.

Onto the main event. I thought I would finish early. Crippled early when EP min raises, i'm on the BB with K6s. I call. K6J flop. I actually put him on aces after but tried to get him to go over top of me. Didn't work and the river was a J, wasting my top and bottom pair.

Got as low as 1500 and was around 2k by the 1st break. Starting was 3k. Gradually built it up, but my biggest chip gainer was 99 vs AJ on a A9x flop. I played differently this tourney, pretty much just solid poker. Didn't play as many hands as I've been playing lately, but I just didn't get any of those suited connectors that I like.

The rest of the tournament I was what Kugr called "The Dominator" Everytime all my chips or all somebody elses chips went all in, I had them dominated. The only hands where i had to play catchup was AQs vs JJ (smaller stack) and my eventual out hand.

Once I got deeper into the $, I ran out of hands to play. When I got placed at a table with a bunch of big stacks, I became hesitant to steal, pretty much just waiting for hands. Never ended up doubling up again, and eventually lost AKs vs 33. Flop came 33x, and i said good night.

Shipped $1,346 though, which is now my highest online cash winning. I'm still noticing flaws in my game though, especially during late stages if I don't have a nice stack. I guess i'll have to practice making it deeper in more big tournies!

Thanks to the railbirds!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Ash. You'll hit the big cash eventually. Keep plugging away.

jl514 said...

great finish AC!

Gold999 said...

Congrats on getting in the money! Nice Payday!!

Intercasino still has my number, down $200 after a $570 WR completed. First time I've ever tried Pontoon

Where does the 1 million giveaway show up to try? I couldn't see it anywhere the next day.

actyper said...

wow, Inter hates you. I finished up over $150. Would have been closer to $250 but I tried winning that millionaire slot again. :)

You should get an email from them with the link. Also there might be a link on the bottom of the software.

Omenic said...


The WSOP seat as a bigger win BTW.


Curatio said...

Very nice! I guess you'll be able to book some nicer hotels now for your big Australia trip next year!

actyper said...

Actually Australia turned into Costa Rica in Jan. Going to save Aussie for maybe next year. CR is 1/2 the price and don't need to take 2 weeks to enjoy CR.