Friday, November 10, 2006

This Sunday, I Vow to ...

Win or Big $ in one of these ....

1) $20k
2) Mansion Poker Dome Seat
3) PokerStars Million
4) Full Tilt Ftops Event #2
5) Some other tourney > $10k prize pool

Time to step it up, I don't want to be satellite king / big game choker anymore. Last night I won 2 out of 5 tournaments I played. Sounds good, but my take home was 0$. Yeah. As much as I hate spending hours and hours playing an online tourney, I do much better in deeper stack tournies with good blind structures. I can't play Tribecca style tournies at all. Big aggressive moves cost all my chips. Last night in the Booya NHL ticket giveaway, headsup was sick. My buddy was I dunno 15:1 underdog. He came back to take the chip lead, then lost it. Eventually was knocked out TT vs Q8 even though he flopped a set!!!

Tonight or tomorrow i'll post up a Casino/Poker hot bonus post, haven't done that in a while.

And before I go I have to do a quick plug for Poker Source Online. On the service/support side, you just can't compare. If you want a good laugh, go read the eCasinoDeals forum, its a complete joke. That scumbag owner has outstanding orders from like May. He barely responds to support posts. But I think this is the jewel. Those who ordered something simple such as an amazon gc have been surprised to see a poker table top show up at their door instead of their gift card! Talk about cocksucking, this guy instead of spending $ to order gcs, he's unloading his excess inventory. Man this guy fattened his wallet the past few months and is going to bail!! I like taking care of my peeps, pso is the same way, this guy is scum. Spread the word!


Bonus said...

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Omenic said...

Were the 2 of 5 you won qualifiers?

Why don't win an extra seat to the Stars Mill for me? Someone from my province has final tabled 3 out of the last 9.

Lee likes our IP addresses.

actyper said...

Yeah both qualifiers

Curatio said...

ECD's website is down now. Surprise, surprise.

I guess I can now kiss my $120 in GC's goodbye :(

actyper said...

Big shock, what a dick.

Matt said...

Geez, at least the guy is trying to ship comps. More than I can say for certain other affiliates (CCU, etc.).

I've gotten a LOT of stuff out of ECD. They've treated me well and I'm sorry they're going out of business.

actyper said...

I actually did 2 casino promos through this guy, and also won one of those freerolls. Each time I got my stuff in a reasonable amount of time. He's always lacked support, but these last few months I think are inexcusable for a business.

I never tried CCU but read some of his and other posts about him. I think he intended to payout but the affiliates probably stiffed him. I doubt they would pay him after sending so many "unwanted players" But reading his posts he sounds like a dickhead as well.

Kugr84 said...

I'm really glad that I chose PSO over ECD waaaay back when this whole thing was first getting going!

I leave in 12 hours for CR so it's definitely worked out much better in the long run to have stuck with PSO :)

Hopefully we can grab a brew in January some time!

United113 said...

How do you find the mansion software? I have a go a few times and found the cash games good but the tournaments a bit tedious?

actyper said...

At first I hated the mansion software. Now I don't mind it. They have this option that i like, you can rotate your seat to the desired position at the table.

Tournament wise they have quite a few tournies with overlay. Plus I want to make it onto that poker dome show. I've come close, but no cigar.

BTW, I failed in all 4 tournies I played yesterday. I put it on just plain bad luck. couldn't win flips, couldn't hit my good draws, Aces cracked, and no suckouts on my end.