Monday, June 18, 2007

Chokage Sunday

So yesterday was WSOP qualifying Sunday. Played the Full Tilt 100seat and the Poker Stars 150 seat guarantees. I'm pretty sure if I qualified, I would have just taken the cash, but I guess no decision was necessary, I choked.

I believe I played very well in both tournies, at least until the end. Continuosly building my stack and not looking back. In both cases though I know where my problem was. When I turned off the aggressive switch, I forgot to turn it back on when required. When I played aggressively, I won chips easily. I even dropped the hammer once! I barely lost chips from confrontations, I lost them cause I bled them away. I let my stacks drop to the 10-12xBB range, and pretty much played push/fold mode till the end. In this type of satellite tourney, I can't get those bets called though unless I'm up against legitimate hands, so all I could pick up were blinds.

I eventually lost on Stars on a blind protection from the cutoff stealer with A9s. Had about 12x BB at that time. Villian had stolen from me before, but this time wokeup with AK. 420/6200
Full Tilt I got knocked out 1min later. Another CO steal attempt, but my stack, 9xBB was not big enough to resteal. 33 vs KJ and I couldn't hold. 300/1700? So I made it deep in both tournies, but rewarded with nothing.

I did a minor cash in Mansion though, 58th for $200. Same problem as above, plus a miscue on my part when I folded AJ to a shove after I made an MP raise. Left myself with 7-8BB. I should have shoved myself. I also managed to finally qualify for the ipoker $500k freeroll. I probably played that about 7 times, top ten qualify. Usually about 500 players. 900mpp to enter, figured I might as well use my points.

On that note I think I'm done with Sunday tournies for a while. Weather is nice outside, and hate being stuck indoors. I'll stick to weeknight cash games, and watch a ton of videos. Paying for it might as well watch them. I'll prob even read a book or two!

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Anonymous said...

"On that note I think I'm done with Sunday tournies for a while. Weather is nice outside, and hate being stuck indoors."

ditto...typically I spend very few hrs at the computer during the summer months.