Thursday, October 11, 2007

Be careful what you wish for ...

Yesterday was reading a post on 2+2 about a guy on party who was just throwing his $ away, shoving with complete air, and fluctuating his stack from $600 up to $9k and back down to 0 at 3/6NL. After reading that I thought, damn why couldn't I have gotten in on that.

Well yesterday I found a guy on cake doing pretty much that. I catch this guy on air, but proceeds with a runner runner flush on me. Then I have him AQs vs A6o, catches a 6. Then I have him AJ vs 73 or something like that, and catches a river 3 for trips. Goodbye 3 buyins at 2/4NL. I managed to win a buyin at other tables so was a -$800 loss only.

Tourney side was very frustrating. I know i'm playing well in tournies right now, making +ev decisions. Playing the stars $20r, I would build my stack, then lose it all when I have my opponents dominated. Went like that the whole tourney and eventually I couldn't rebuy anymore. Should have had a top 20 stack with about 200 left, but as was the case the whole night, miracles ...

On the other side of variance, I won my small Titan World Challenge tourney. This is the 2nd round now. I already made it through the first round, top 35 advanced from Canada. I think I only played 5/8 events and final tabled 3 of them and ended up 5th overall or so. In the 2nd round top 5 of the Americas advance to the final. This is match 2/8 or so. In the final round first place gets a Porsche Cayman (or $100k cash), easy decision, and the rest (35 players) play a $55k freeroll with each position guaranteed payout.

This tourney was in the background until I realized, hey I only have 6BBs left! So I shove with A5s in the highjack, and the BB uses almost all his time to finally call with AK. I spike a 5 and laugh at his slowroll. From then on I just hammered away at all the small/medium stacks. Since this is a position based tourney, players care more about placing, therefore even small stacks don't play proper stack size ratio poker. I had a top 2 stack with 3 tables left and never fell under that. 3 handed was my favourite though, I think 2nd place thought I was a donk. I would continously let the 3rd place small stack in the game, giving him walks. In the mean time I would chip away at the 2nd place guys stack. He didn't want to play big pots with me at all. By the time headsup started I had a 2.5:1 edge after being even with him 3 handed. Headsup lasted 3 hands after I raised all 3 hands pf. He ended up shoving K3 on me and my A6 held. The porsche will be mine!!!!

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gold999 said...

I know the feeling...I ran into the exact same player(s) on the weekend, with them hitting miracle river cards. I should have been up over 1k instead I too lost 2 buyins ($800)