Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Wife and friends decided to do some cross border shopping yesterday, $1.02 USD = $1.00 CAD!, so I said just drop me off at the casino on the way.

Went there mainly for the WPT sats, but since I got there at 10am and sats don't start until noon, played some 5/5NL. I'm really not that good at live full ring. Live players are so bad, and flushes always hit. And what I find the biggest difference between live and online is actual $ amount. These guys don't care about odds etc. You hear the guys at the table say something like I'll call a $45 bet but not a $50 bet, when in both cases it might be the right odds to call. Or this case when one player made a $100 min raise and berated the other player for chasing his flush. Lost about $100 at that table. I like to play big pots and nobody else wanted to play big pots with me :(

The $90 wpt sats were pretty much super turbos. 10 players, 1000 chips, 10 min blinds, and they last about 1hr. Even though they are crapshoots, theres no reason why I shouldn't be able to win about 50% of these. Most of these guys don't know odds, and they don't understand push/fold strategy. Bonehead play on my part during the 1st sat 4handed. Short stack moves allin utg, fold, in the SB I grab a stack of chips and push to the middle with A7o, then after realizing damn I only just called. BB has an easy call now and ends up taking the pot on a pot i wanted to isolate on. Then i made a stupid call with 22 which i lost a flip on, and made me super short stack and eventually out 3rd.

The 2nd sat I won pretty easily. I pretty much stayed as either big or 2nd stack throughout the tourney and just hammered away at the other guys. Got caught a few times, but pretty easy to reload my stack again. Headsup the other guy, winner of the 1st sat i played, wanted me to buy him out. No thanks, I know i can own this guy 9/10 times. HU only last 2 hands, I shoved on him preflop the first hand with Kxs, and the 2nd hand he tried shoving on me with 86o. I had A8s. Funniest thing about this sat was the hilarious lying about hands. The headsup tool told me he folded QQ when the short stack went allin and I isolated with an allin. Another lie by the short stack when he said he folded TT after just calling preflop to my raise. Problem is there was a T on the flop. These tools, why bother lying about hands when you're not going to be realistic with it and really doesn't accomplish much other than to say you are tools.

The 3rd sat I pretty much was card dead. I don't think I won a single hand. Out when i pushed on the button with Qxs and Jx won with a rivered straight.

Had the crowd tell me that at least 8/10 of these guys in the sats were pros, though they all counted me as a pro. Not sure if they were all guessing or they've seen these guys before. No way these guys are pros, and if they are, they would last a session online. :) Live players are so baaad.

Have to head back this friday or next to play my $640 sat. 2table winner gets a $10k seat.

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Riverrun said...

Good job now go win a 10k seat satellite boy!