Sunday, September 30, 2007

So close ... Mansion

Just missed out on final tabling and the juicier payouts. I think I played pretty solid throughout. As always potential for bubble boy as I reshoved with KK right on the bubble. As soon as I built up an above average stack I was easily the tables most active blind stealer. Only got caught twice, but with these blind levels that still hurt. Whenever the "hand for hand" signal went up I turned it on even more. In the end the blind levels rose too fast, everybody 20BB or less, and I shoved on the button with KQs. Ran into JJ and couldn't hit. I was confident on a big score tonight too.

Other tournaments I got deep in were the Betfair $5k rtr freeroll and the Cake WPT. Betfair crashed 4 times throughout the tourney and finally for good with 10 left. I was 3/10 at the time. I believe the table all agreed on 50% share and 50% chipcount distribution. I didn't mind whatever they voted on, with the structure anybody still had a chance to win. The cake wpt event I played solid until late. Going card dead I didn't have the balls to resteal as I saw too many loose calls. Huge stack tried shoving on me twice and I caught him both times with Arag. 3rd time was not the charm though as he finally had a hand as my KJ < AK. Finished 14th I think. 1st paid a seat to the WPT North American championships and 2-4th split about $10k. This is a relatively easy tourney to sat into, and the actual sat has a very nice structure. 10k starting chip style tourney.

Tournies I failed in were cake $10k (close to bubble, QQ
I'm feeling decent about my tourney game again so hopefully Oct will show some good results. Cash game I'm very confident about. I had a 4 buyin loss one day that was frustrating, but in that case had my $ in while I was ahead in each case. Still want to get to Niagara, other than Cake the other options aren't as appealling. Might have to force myself to go down there and play some live sats. Maybe next weekend.


gold999 said...

Congrats on the 10th place finish. Nice coin!

Riverrun said...

It was fun railing you! Great work going deep. You just needed to win one more flip to make the FT and the real cash! congrats.


Thanks for the link up as well.