Monday, September 17, 2007

How much have you lost?

For the Canadians out there, how much have you lost due to the exchange rate? With it hovering around 1.03/0.97, I'm just getting killed. Theres always gripes about having to pay an exchange fee when withdrawing, but I would have been way better off paying that and converting back and forth. This is ugly, in Jan 05 it was 1.23. If I sat with $10k usd then, it would be worth $2kcad less now. This is the real bad beat of online poker!

Sept 20: Now its even money!!! Booooo


gold999 said...

I've definitely lost a few hundred.

Does it help to have your money sitting with Click2pay? (Canadian funds)How does that work?

actyper said...

Actually click2pay is probably the best option for this. Too bad all the sites don't take it.

JL514 said...

I don't get what the problem is. Please leave me a comment explaining it (i'll forget to check back here)

JL514 said...

Thanks, now I understand. You left out a K in your sentence, confused the shit out of me. "If i had $10 then I'd have 2k less now"

I was like 'huh'?

Thanks for the congrats.. can't wait to be back home so these tournaments are at normal hours of the day and I don't have to be up from 3am - 9am to win them, lol.