Sunday, July 06, 2008


A few parting comments before I leave Vegas. Yes unfortunately my time here will be cut way short. Stomach flu or something like that has got me tilted. Can't keep anything in, and don't feel like playing a tournament like this. Wanted to play the Caesars deep stack today, and if I did well would play the main event on Tues. Kinda pissed, I'll only end up playing the one tournament here, and that didn't last too long. Oh well, next year.

I just also wanted to say thanks to Pokerroom. Their first impression wasn't that great, communication was horrible. I had no idea what i was supposed to do, and when I arrived at Mandalay Bay, was just praying that there was a room for me here.

Well there was, plus more. A huge basket full of snacks was waiting here for me. Unfortunately I did not get notice that there was a greeting party that night, and I arrived late for it. So never got my duffel bag full of clothes, will just settle for one hoodie instead. Part of the package pokerroom offered their players were complimentary events including: Hoover Dam visit, Grand Canyon tour, 18 holes and desert sands, various parties and more. They made sure you had a good time here, and made sure you always had plenty to drink!

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