Friday, July 04, 2008

wsop Busto

I guess better go out early than bubble, but still feels pretty shitty.

Got up to about 25k early. Limped JTs, next player raises 3x, a couple calls and i call. Flop AKsx. Somehow checked around. Turn Q, sweet. I lead out for 750 into 1200. Original raiser calls, fold, fold. Turn is a blank, I bet out 1500 and he calls. Flips over AA. If I had knew would have tried taking more. Very surprised he played it so passively.

Lost a lot of chips when i raised utg with AA and was smoked by QTo with a river straight.

Final hand was limp, limp, I raise it up with KK on the bottom. Fold, call. Flop Q88. He bets out 2/3 here, I raise, he reraises, and I just shove, and he calls. Dominated by A8. I guess i was still deep enough to get away from this, but couldn't find a fold.

Will prob hang around here for a bit longer, play some other tournies. Caesars etc. Will keep you guys updated on the other stuff


Fuel55 said...

Next year.

I lost a huge pot in 2006 when I reraised an MP raiser from the bb with AA. He called. Flop came J77. Of course he has JJ.

Chris said...

fuel: !

Sorry to hear about your bust out ash, was hoping my action would blow me up hudge! I'll be in town next week and give you the $ or buy you some drinks ;)

Anonymous said...

Im Sorry Mate..


Gold999 said...

Tough break Ash.

It was very cool owning a little piece of you this year and following your progress in the Pokerroom blog. I felt like I was in the action!

Good luck the rest of your stay in Vegas!

Keep us updated on how you're doing