Monday, February 27, 2006

MTT Filled Weekend: 1out of 4 aint too bad, is it?

Sunday Feb 26 was a big MTT weekend for me.

3pm - Full Contact Poker: Daniel's Prodige. $30+3 Top 3 advance.
- 30 players entered this one. I pretty much stayed average stack the whole mtt. Whenever I got low I would use my allin to get back in. Once it got down to the final table, i was about 8/10. Top 4 paid $, top 3 advance to the 36man final qualifier. Winner moves to the Live table in Vancouver to become Daniel Negreanu's prodige. Play solid poker and people started dropping one by one. When it got down to the final 4, there were 2 huge stacks and myself and another with puny stacks (I had a slight advantage acting after though having less than 1sb than him. He luckily tripled up and I was on the verge of being blinded out next orbit. Then a strange thing happened. That guy raised preflop the next hand, one of the big stacks reraised allin, and dude called. He flipped over 22???? Big stack flipped over AQ, and flop came an A and it was over. Nobody at the table understood the play, maybe he didn't understand what was at risk. Oh well good for me, I get 3rd place $ (I think $150 or so) and move on. I think the tourney is end of Mar.

5pm - Bluff Magazine Fantasy Poker Challenge.
- 85 players, top 5 advance to final SnG (WSOP seat). Another top 5 of some advanced scoring formula based on how you did in this mtt and the regular FPC season, advance as well. I finished 50th in the regular challenge so i pretty much had to score top 5. Had some success early on, until I lost a coin flip QQ vs AK. Dwindled down and then got back up 88 vs Q7? I would have let him have it if he won, that was half his stack, no need to call. Stupid play of the tourney for me. I limped in with AJs UTG. SB called, BB checked. I end up allin with TPTK, SB wins with a straight with his 92o. I pretty much got nothing the rest of the tourney. Was thinking of pushing with a QJs one time but didn't, and that cost me a triple up. Ended up 23rd, highly doubt it was good enough.

6pm - Full Tilt - $200k guaranteed.
- 1100+ players, I qualified by winning a $24 SnG. This one pissed me off. 45mins into the tourney, was down to 1500+ from 2000 starting. In the BB with 33. 3 limpers and I check. Flop comed 537 rainbow. I check, UTG bets 1/2 pot, fold, SB goes allin, I go allin, UTG calls. UTG 99, SB 87, and me with my set. Turn comes a 9. Mother Fuc*er!!! Can't hit my 1 outer and I'm out. I would have been in great position with 4500 chips.

9pm - Poker Source Online Leage
- 130 players or so. At this point my head is not in the game. Let a few hands go early after being raised. Got all of it back +more when somehow I still win with my KQ with a board of KJ10xx. Then came the hand which normally I can let go, but not last night. QQ, standard raise in MP. Button calls. Garbage flop, I bet, raise 3x my bet, me allin, quick call, shows AA. I'm left with 20 chips, and out next hand when my 65o can't win!

I'm impressed with those guys who can keep focus playing online poker all day, all week, and x games going at once. Its draining sitting down in front of your computer for that long, and the mind fcking that goes on calculating and remembering every move. I don't think I have another Sunday like this.... yet!

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Riverrun said...

Glad you hit 1 out of 4!!! I was hoping you were going to stick around longer in the PSO tourney. I managed 2nd with a couple nice lay downs and some premium cards at the right times. One of these tourneys i'll be at your table to donate chips to you.