Monday, February 13, 2006

Qualify Qualify Qualify

All I can do is qualify for big events, but can't win the big one. WTF is wrong with my game? Do I choke in the big ones, do I play too passive? I'm pretty sure I play better when I can set the tone earlier, which is not so necessary in the qualifity tournies. My MTT qualifying winning % has to be pretty up there, but I have absolute zero results to show for it. Kinda frustrating, all these hours for nothing more than experience. I guess I have to keep plugging away.

BTW, Rakeback Poker is sweet. I'm playing 5/10 6max there, and 40% rakeback adds up quickly! Its tracked right in the system how much rake you've earned, and you can redeem at any time. I think I have my new non bonus hunting site.

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