Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Super Casino Tilt, Ace Club now rigged?

I'm usually pretty good at not tilting during my Blackjack play. Last night was a big exception. After enduring several beats while playing on Wild Jack poker, I closed off one of my poker tables and put on Ace Club. Now I was already on tilt from Ace Club having gone from $650 to $400 already. I proceeded to lose the last $400 in about 5 mins! I hate complainers about rigged software etc, but this was just unbelievable. The justification that I have that this is now "un-normal" is because Ace Club finally figured out the glitch they had in their system. Surrendering used to return 3/4 of your bet back! This would equate to an actual player advantage! Now that they fixed it, i guess they have to make their money back. Hopefully now that Party owns this thing, they'll just get rid of it.

edit: This is what I just got in my email

Congratulations! You are a winner at AceClub Casino

You have won $50 in our fantastic Valentine's Day $2,000 Cash Giveaway promotion.


Thanks you son of a bitches!!!!


tcx123 said...

Sorry to hear about your tilt. I think just about everyone that casino whores has tilted in one way or another at one point before they learn.

In any case, thanks for the information you posted on the casino sites.

Do you have a list of monthlies for casinos? I'm aware of the Cryptos, Eurobet, Casino Cherry/Euro. I'm only really looking for cashable, BJ, no hassel cashouts.


Omenic said...

Is the $50 cashable or is it a bonus?

I'd bet it all on one hand.

But I'm hit or miss.

actyper said...


Other than those monthlies I also do Super Vegas and 32Red. Europa is a sticky I do monthly, and once in a while Golden Palace and friends have a big monthly reload. has monthlies that are ok. I've been listing them here

Omenic, I have no idea. I'm pretty sure its cashable. I'm not touching that BJ on there anymore, Gonna go play roulette and pick a number! lol But seriously, Don't know what to do with it yet, if cashable, I might just cash it out.

actyper said...

Was not cashable.

I decided to play BJ.

Bet $50 1st hand, got a 20 vs 19.

2nd hand decided to bet $50 so I could still double. A8 vs 5. Might as well double, so I did, and I get a 10. Dealer turns over a 2, then a 3, then a 10. Dammit should have bet the whole $100!

Riverrun said...

hey do you claim the free $25 bet with Oasis Casino? I deposited $100 and dont see it anywhere???

actyper said...

Should have been there automatically. When you try and make a $25 wager, does it appear?

I think you also get another free $25 wager for an ncaa ball game on Sunday.