Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Poker Pet Peeves

Last night we, Team PSO, played our 4th team tournament at Pokerroom.com We are currently 3-0 and playing pretty good pokah. Especially last week, we clinched after the 3rd match!

I have a couple poker pet peeves that absolutely bug the hell out of me. Both happened last night, and both were committed by the same player.

1) Raising post flop with 3 people in the pot and 1 player already allin preflop. Now its one thing if you flop a straight and you want to protect that hand, its another if you have pretty much nothing and you raise and chase the other active player out. Memo ... Your Bet does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! If this is early in a tournament, fine, but this was during the final table where position is key compared to a few extra chips that you might not even get.

2) Big stack pansy play. Last night the chip leader as the SB folded to the short stack BB at least 3 orbits in a row. BB had an M between 3 and 4. Are you kidding me? Raise the damn blind, do not give him free $, if you commit yourself to an allin raise your still in good shape.

The weird thing is this player played a good game other than those two issues of mine, unless he was just getting lucky and I thought he played a good game. I ended up finishing 3rd/16 this round, and we ended up 2nd overall. 4 more rounds to go. JJ was the magical hand for me. Got it 4 times, won all 4 times including 2 doubleups. One was a set over set match. One of these double ups was also my comeback hand, after I was down to about 3M. JJ vs 1010, then next hand JJ vs 33. Put me right back up there.

This unfortunately ended our leading streak, the first time in 15 rounds we have never held the overall lead. Cocky but true, tonight we won't disappoint.


dlk9s said...

"...tonight we will not disappoint."

Oh, yes, we did. Guess we couldn't expect to win all of them.

actyper said...

Yeah we stunk. I just looked at the final results, its a shame, what we wanted to happen with the other teams happened to perfection. We just couldn't pull out a 1st. :(